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Lawlessness in the Temirtau city court


“House of justice” – With such kinds of words met the visitors of the Temirtau municipal court. Do the members of this court observe the law during the execution of their own duties? The Events which were happened in the 19th of November shows that they didn’t. There is no smell of law.


In the 19th of November in Temirtau municipal court took part recurrent judicial meeting on suit of Karmetcombine workers – a structured subdivision of the JC “Arselor Mittal Temirtau” to the combine administration. As usually, their comrades on work came to support plaintiffs, also public activists from Karaganda. However, not all arrived people entered to the common-room of the meeting.


It’s unknown what kind of breast-band had fallen under the tail of court members, but the judicial members at the head of Akhmetov – senior judicial officer refused representatives of public to let in the common-room of the meeting without presenting of the gap of  JC “Arselor Mittal Temirtau” enterprise flatly. Representatives of public who little bit dumfounded by such innovation tried to appeal to law, in particular, to Civil-Processional Code of RK        (article 19 p.1 – “The Public hearing of the deals in all courts and in all judicial location occurs openly”), as well as to Normative Resolution of the Supreme judicial court of RK 5 from 28.10.2005 “About observance of the principle vowel hearing on civics”, but the police officers and  secretary of judge Oralbekova, who is leading given judicial hearing, showed with all their type  that all these appeals for them – are no more than empty sound, they simply follow the directions overhand.


They were not interested that observer from the OSCE and Pavel Shumkin – analyst of free trade union were amongst arrived to the process. To the request of last to allow speaking to the Mardanov – a chairman of the court police officers answered that beside His Judge’s Excellency today is not receiving day, come, breakwater, tomorrow.


Thereby, members of the court had encroached upon people of the Republic of Kazakhstan on receiving the information. Outraged representatives of public had written the statement to the Temirtau municipal public prosecutor’s office.


If to take into account the statement by the Mardanov – chairman of the Court, which was written in the 3rd of November about that he is not willing to quarrel with Mittal the reasons of the illegal requirements by members of the court become comprehensive. We just have to convey wishes to Mardanov – to be honest vis-á-vis people of RK – declare that Temirtau municipal court is a structured subdivision of the JC “Arselor Mittal Temirtau” (because you can enter only after presenting the gap of the company’s worker), hang the company’s allegory on courthouse and begin to garner wages from Mittal officially.

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