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Second open letter to the public, human rights defending and International organizations of the


In the 5th of July 2009 at about 3.00 p.m. in Urumqi city, administrative centre of Xinjiang–Uigur autonomous district of China (SUAD), students from several universities for about thousand people hold a protest demonstration in connection with death of more than 50 Uigur people in Shaoguan city, province Guandun.  Substance of the case is that in the 26th of June for about ten thousand ethnic Chinese people who were armed with iron edges and bats attacked a dormitory of Uigur workers of Shaoguan puppet factory. Ferocious beating was continuing for about two hours. Chinese authorities did everything to veil true motives, number of dead and to lead local people and world public into error. First of all, authority accused Uigur worker to raping of Chinese girl and after to household quarrel. In this factory worked more than 600 young people from Kashgar district who were taken by enforcement actions from the SUAD for working within the framework of not declared programme of youth migration. If the migration of Chinese people from the internal regions to SUAD started in 1949 when Chinese army was entered to the Uigurstan (SUAD PRC (People’s Republic of China )) so since 2005 Kazakh and Uigur people are taken to the internal and overpopulated regions under the pretext of job security of national minorities. Only for past year from the SUAD were withdrawed more than one hundred and thousand young people who are from 18 to 30 years old.


Hidden aim of the Beijing is set on enforcement speedup of mix process between Turk Muslim people and Chinese to solve problems of united ethnic identification “Junhua”.  While demonstrators were walking on streets other passer byes in groups from near markets started to join them. On the square “Halik maidani” by the part of government buildings cordon of armed policemen with armored vehicles and other techniques were waiting for demonstrators. Protesting people stopped and not with standing to the policemen requirements about immediate cessation of this demonstration they were chanting slogans for an hour. They required: to call the murderers to responsibility, adherence to justice, respect for human rights and freedom and also arrival of party and administrative leaderships of SUAD. By 5 p.m. the number of demonstrators was raised for several times. At about 5.30 p.m. Chinese powers started to use tear gas and simultaneously go to the assault of pillar using rubber sticks and hounding with dogs. At 6 p.m. armed policemen opened fire on furious demonstrators who in panic and anger started to disperse to different parts. Mass emotions were through the near quarters. Separate groups of demonstrators during the way damaged, burned and turned over the cars. Blasts, shootings and disorders were continuing till the evening, dragnets and arrests of demonstrators and suspicious in the opinion of powers were all night and still now. In the evening in Urumqi they imposed a curfew from 9 p.m. to 8 a.m. However, the shooting was hearing all night. Immediately after the collision of demonstrators and policemen the city was surrounded in all important transport knots as in city by perimeters were exposed armed block posts, all kinds of communication and electricity were switched off.


Chinese mass media illuminated tragic event tendentionaly, were sending only official messages and the television showed only victim “Han” which instigated organizing assault of ethnic Chinese against Uigur people.  So, by presenting of power bodies peace overt of protest by Urumqi people was raised to the mass disobedience. By the information of the Xinhua agency in the 07.07.09 an amount of killed people were 156 and two days later the number became 184. Indeed killed people only in city are several times more. In the course of collision with police more than thousand people had different degrees of the wounding and were arrested from 1, 5 to 2, 5 thousand people.  On scale and consequence blood events in 5th July comparable to armed suppression of peace students’ demonstration in Beijing in the 4th of June 1989 on the Tiananmen square. As always, management of PRC by traditions and by political motives tries to hide and misinform own people and world public about happened tragic events. So, in the 06.07.09 Nur Bakri – puppet chairman of Public government SUAD emerging on mass media declared that for emotions in Urumqi stands the leader of Uigur people Rabiya Kadir and World Congress of Uigur. But, as says, a hat blazes on thief. Next day demonstrations and mass-meetings of protest “blooded Saturday in 5th July” were rolled in other cities, as: Kashgar, Kulja, Karamai, Aksu and in other populated points.


All of these were neutralized by China power structures on initial stage, due to around the world incorporated on the eve raised readiness by the special parts and subdivisions. However, in the 7th of July at about 2.30 p.m. in regime conditions, nearby of multiple traveling on foot patrols, motorized patrols and block posts, Chinese youth, whose number is  about  thousand people armed with bits, gymnastic sabres and  other handyman facilities invaded to the region of Uigurs’ residence. Hooligans during several hours were beating till the death to all Uigur people who accidentally rendered on their way. Units rescued by escape.


Simultaneously, they at the same time created acts of vandalism in mosque and other spiritual-cultic buildings of Muslims. At about 5 p.m. for about 300 Uigur women with their children left in the other part of the city searching for their sons and husbands protesting to the authority.  They were taken to the thick ring of military and were displaced from the street. There is no information about damaged women. But killed Uigur people during the vandalism of ethnic Chinese were more than in 5th and 6th   July.


But in the morning of 6th July the authority of the SUAD and PRC declared to the world that “disturbances are suppressed, situation is completely taken under the control of authority“. Only in the 8th of July after blooded slaughterhouse, made by Hans’s youth in Urumqi, the Chairman of the PRC – Hu Tszintao collected Political bureau of Communist party on situations in Uigurstan. In resolutions of Political bureau, taking into account political lapses from July 6th, is spoken that “disturbances were organized by three powers – terrorists, separatists and religious extremists“. Apropos, first time such kind of was declared by the China authorities in March 1997, after suppression of peace demonstration of Uigur youth in March 5th in Kulja. Immediately, Van Luchen – a secretary of the party committee of SUAD PRC made symptomatic statement: “severe punishment up to capital punishment is waiting for ringleader of disturbances”. That is to say, that, who has a power in his hands, a priori declared will act as always, as did since 1949 – an undertaking of fast closed courts, but with obligatory mortal condemnations. And the Beijing attorney board already declared that no one from their colleagues should take a deal concerning this tragedy. Today in dark time of the day the curfew in Urumqi is continuing. In the 10th of July were closed all mosques, but under the pressure of Muslim arrived to Friday prayer the authorities had to open two mosques for two hours. In token protest to the actions of powers beside 50 parishioners basically youth made picket line beside the “Ak mechit” mosque. All foreign journalists were deported from SUAD. The Centre had created in Uigurstan a powerful system of the information vacuum. Whereas, many people, including politicians, addressed to me on cause of true reasons of Uigurs‘ appearance against China powers and I included my version about objective reasons of crisis again.


The root of these demonstrations, protests and armed appearances of Uigurs’ and other local folks are cut in essences of China colonial policy:  in political, economic, social, cultural and educational spheres of life of SUAD native people. And it includes:


       – In language assimilation, translation of the education in national schools, since 2005 as called “bilingual formation”. So, in Uigur or Kazakh initial classes all lessons are taught on Chinese language, and, only after transition to the following step, alongside with obligatory Chinese language, is studied native language and literature. In general Chinese school in general is not studied aboriginal language, but in universities, except separate humanitarian faculties, education is leaded on Chinese language;

       – a discrimination on language at receiving to work, particularly in industry, including  military-industrial complex, on private Chinese enterprises and other managing objects, where, as exception, take the representatives of national minority” who finished university in China;

       – the persecutions of Muslims for departure of  religious rites, forbid mosques visits for children and youth till 18 years old, as well as trained workmen;           

– “planning of birth rate” or hard birth control in SUAD which is today realized under the slogan:

 “One family – one child”;

                                   Planned and mass transmigration of ethnic Chinese from internal region in PRC to SUAD, since 2005 – Uigur, Kazakhs and other Turk Muslim people in inverse direction. By official dates the number of Hans’ raised from 261 thousand in 1949 to 8.5 million till present-day.

       – A ubiquitous and the most rough breach of human rights and political persecution. Uigurstan occupies the first place in PRC on list of treasury fighters for their own rights and for self-determination of Uigur, annually noted by the United Nations human rights Council, US Congress and International human rights defending organizations.


      All these problems have own decisions. Only the goodwill of PRC powers will help to undertake wide scope political and persisting economic reforms. Constitutional reforms in China and modifications in law about District national autonomy (1984) are required urgently. PRC de jure must become a federative state. Autonomous regions must become union republics, simultaneous undertaking of corresponding political acts and procedures on self-determination colonized folk within the framework of international rights and under the aegis of the UN.


          In connection with shooting of peace protest demonstration participants  by the PRC power and not to allow shrift on prisoners, ask human rights defending organizations, world public, all  whom human life is dear, to speak in defense of peace demonstrators, and from China and SUAD powers:



– Keep own laws and International acts strictly, signed by China and stop any using of weapons immediately;

– Publish the exact amount of victims of the violence and number of delayed;

– Allow to foreign journalists and UN representatives, as well as International human rights defending organizations to arrested people.


Kaharman Hozhamberdi

Politologist. Almaty 14.07.09

Contact number: 2984785, 8702 640 9823

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