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An open letter to world public, leaders of the democratic states and human rights defending organizations


Uigur youth of Kazakhstan is deeply worried by blood event, happened in July 5th 2009 in capital of Xinjiang-Uigur autonomous region (SUAD) of China Urumqi; where by power structure were cruelly and inhumanly suppressed peaceful demonstration. By the dates of informational agencies more than 160 people are killed (by unofficial information – several thousands, including wounded). Events in SUAD PRC are first of all tragedy of simple people as far as any peace demonstrations, which had involved loss of life, must be considered only by this point of view. So Uigur youth categorically against the version of official China that appearance of demonstrators is connected with “extremism”, “separatism”, “terrorism”. Also utterances by high-ranking officials are cynical about that demonstration in Urumqi was organized by the Al Qaeda supporters. We are firmly convinced of discrimination on national sign, persecution of dissidents, restrictions of the religious freedom, cruel and unjust birth control, ubiquitous political persecution, absence of publicity and conditions for supremacy of law, opacity of society, planned and massive transmigration of Chinese people with the aim of assimilation, not account of authorities to the people all these were a main reasons of the conflict, involved loss of life amongst peaceful population.  


People are subjected to different restrictions without any explanations – to the liberty of displacement, freedom of expression, religious freedom and etc. Herewith, International legislative acts are violated in rough, covenant on civil and political rights, rates of International convention, liquidations of race discrimination and others. Demonstrators in Urumqi required from authority bodies only understanding in deaths of Uigur workers objectively and fair who were sent to the  internal region of China in Shaoguan  puppet factory  and give correct juridical-legal estimation of the happened. However, artificial delaying of  event investigation, system violation of legality, isolation of legal protection from reception system, exchange of information with society, using of the whole arsenal of the pressure and blackmail, disrespect to constitutional rights and citizens’ freedom – became a squalling and aggressive factor which nudged simple people to the demonstration. To this extreme unreasonableness in Urumq city were added relapses of special cruelty by the Chinese power in the event of 5th-8th July.  Even in presented in official unilateral information by the part of China  the ubiquitous arbitrariness of authority exists distinctly, atmosphere of the awe is implanted, paralyzing will of  people and their longing to freedom.


Events in Urumqi demonstrated once more that power as always ready for inadequate and illegal using of weapon. In the West occur the consisting of many millions demonstrations without victims and violence while in Tibet and SUAD demonstrations take part several groups of ten thousands people, herewith  incommensurable amount of meeting people are destroyed. Using of repression and prohibitions became panacea for China authority in decision of all their own problems. Searching for external enemy is suitable for hiding own contradictions. Such public stereotype is inherent only in totalitarian modes, therefore it should be got rid. We firmly declare that actions by powers are direct and roughest breach, “The UN leading principles in the field of human rights, in particular, on freedom of peace meetings», in international legislative rates. They disagree to the UN International pact about civil and political rights and etc. Uigur nation as other civilized nations must live in free country, where are realized civil rights and freedom of people in full volume in accordance with all International rates.


Coming from foregoing, we call the world community to convict and render the hard pressure on law-enforcement organs of China to prevent the executing shootings, tortures and ungrounded forms of repression in respect of simple people. Today Uigur nation, as never, begin to understand system reasons of arbitrariness on history native land, and as we introduced, do not want to feel concerned, but try to know and protect their own rights, give the resolute rebuff lawlessness, created in respect of people! They rise against cruel censorship, restrictions of freedom expression of opinions in SUAD. Many people clear realize that is time to pawn the fundamental central for new society, which is possible on fetter of the urgent society democratization. Only democratic transformations in SUAD, urgent long ago and waiting for the quickest entailment in life will provide country a piece and quietness. Only then will come the end to the tragedies of our people‘ generations, the threat of the arbitrariness will disappear and lawlessness in country. We are addressing to world public with call to show solidarity for long-suffering Uigur people and allow them to say the truth. Resolutely and report disprove any slander to the address of dissidents and defenders of human rights. This will be a worthy answer to arbitrariness and dishonor of powers.


If we keep silence tomorrow will be late, we won’t know the truth what occurs in country with people, and there is no one will protect us from lawlessness and repression.


We must defend Freedom with You together and prevent new victims!

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