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Justice for Rasim Bayramov


The prosecutors’ offices in Kazakhstan have failed to undertake effective investigations into the case, and have several times ruled that there is “lack of evidence of a crime”, despite the fact that in 2014 the UN Committe against Torture found clear evidence that Rasim Bayramov had been tortured. Just yesterday, Kostanay Regional Court ruled that the latest prosecutorial decision to close the case was illegal. It is therefore critical to put pressure on the Kazakhstani authorities to demonstrate their stated committment to adopt a “zero tolerance” approach to torture by ensuring that an effective and impartial investigation is undertaken quickly.

Please support Rasim Bayramov’s family and take action to call on the Kazakhstani authorities to ensure that an effective, impartial investigation is undertaken into the allegations of torture of Rasim Bayramov, and that those found guilty are brought to justice.

1. Please complete the model letter attached and send to the representative of Kazakhstan in your country

2. Please post messages of support (or statements) on line under the hashtag: #JusticeForRasim

Attached please find:

1. Desciption of case with latest developments

2. Model letter which we would like your NGO to send to the Kazakhstani embassy in your country

3. A list of email addresses of embassies

Thank you for fighting for justice for Rasim!

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