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Journalist Gaziza Baituova needs help!


Gaziza Baituova – a journalist who finds herself in a difficult life situation, really needs your help.

Gaziza Baituova has been working for the Kazakh editorial staff of Radio Liberty, and for more than 15 years she was a correspondent for the British Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR), covering the most sensitive issues of Kazakhstan society (https://iwpr.net/people/gaziza-baituova)

In 2005 her report “Kazakhstan women are sold as slaves” won the third place in a competition organized by the Kazakhstan-European Foundation for the Study of Law and Innovation.

Being one of the regular IWPR reporters from Kazakhstan Gaziza Baituova was nominated for the journalistic award “Index on Censorship – 2017”.

The publications of Gaziza Baituova on the Kazakh service RFE/RL’site can be found here: https://rus.azattyq.org/author/19110.html

For her publications she was repeatedly persecuted, because of it she was forced to change her place of residence within the country from Taraz to Almaty.

Currently Gaziza Baituova has serious difficulties with living in Almaty. From day to day she may be on the street without a livelihood.

You can send money to the account in JSC Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan. Her individual identification number is


In USD :

Beneficiary Bank: JSC Halyk Bank

Адрес/Address 40 Al-Farabi ave., А26M3K5, Almaty, Kazakhstan,


Correspondent Bank in USD:

Correspondent account № 8900372605 held with The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA,


Beneficiary: Baituova Gaziza

Account: KZ826010002007666535

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