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The atheist Kharlamov on freedom, but his criminal case lives its life


The Ridder journalist unbound in September, 2013 and
the human rights activist Alexander Kharlamov accused of kindling of religious
discord stays on freedom. However, his case isn’t closed, it is under
recognizance not to leave, and the consequence for all this period couldn’t
find to him new article of charge.


Alexander Kharlamov’s case caused bewilderment and
indignation not only within the country, but also abroad. During all this time
a number of the international human rights organizations and U.S. authorities
repeatedly demanded from Kazakhstan to stop A. Kharlamov’s prosecutions, also
his case  rose at the level of UN
Committee on human rights. Even religious associations spoke out in defense of
the ideological opponent.


According to the investigators, the head of
Secret-Service human rights organization Alexander Kharlamov distributed  the religious materials  was 
written by  him  in the Internet. In an evidence it is said
that “Alexander Kharlamov was exposed in commission of the criminal acts,
by detection and withdrawal from its blog on the Internet of texts on religious


In the resolution on attraction as accused it is said
that “in unspecified a consequence the period Kharlamov A.M., having
studied world religions, such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism and the Buddhism gave
the interpretation to religious system … Kharlamov A.M. understanding that his
opinion is cardinally opposite with opinion and belief of most of religious
people and its actions can attract emergence of negative consequences in the
form of religious strife and discord, and also will lead to formation of the
negative relation to religions at people that will promote the conflict between
people, decided to publish “works”. Alexander Kharlamov placed the
publications in mass media that, according to the investigator, could
“change thinking and behavior at a certain category of the


case  of  Kharlamov it was carried out the whole three
examinations: the first and second (state) recognized that separate
publications of Kharlamov have the negative data directed on excitement of
religious discord. However both didn’t find appeals to violent acts concerning
other persons or religious communities. The carried-out independent examination
didn’t find in A. Kharlamov’s texts in general any signs of initiation of
religious strife and discord, however the court didn’t take it into account.


The last court on August 13, 2013 which conducted  in Ridder  the intermediate decision was   made: to satisfy the petition of
prosecutor’s office – about return of criminal case to additional investigation
based on need of change of charge on newly discovered facts and presentation of
new charge. Then the prosecutor’s office went to hibernation.


The way of  how
is  living  Alexander Kharlamov he told during a small
briefing for journalists in Almaty in the press center of Bureau for human



– I am in the status eternal accused, the
defendant here about one and a half years. I don’t know that they  investigated and under investigated    as I repeatedly submitted petitions to the
investigator that I was acquainted with case papers, however they refer
“somewhere they have a repair”, there is no access to them,
– the
human rights activist tells. – Then at the beginning of 2014, and then in the
fall, I submitted the petition for purpose of one more – independent complex
judicial philological examination. But however anybody directed nothing, all
this and lies under cloth.

The Kazakhstan human rights activist Evgeny Zhovtis
also spoke absurd and illegality of a situation:


“From my point
of view this situation with Kharlamov doesn’t correspond to a number of
provisions of the existing criminal procedure legislation. First, all case have
to be investigated in reasonable terms. Secondly, according to article 192 of
the Code of criminal procedure of the Republic of Kazakhstan the term of
pre-judicial investigation makes two months. Term can be prolonged by the
prosecutor for reasonable term, but no more than about three months, and at
special complexity of case or at the solution of a question of the direction of
materials of criminal case to the foreign state for continuation of criminal
prosecution – the prosecutor of the region and the prosecutor equated to it and
their deputies for reasonable term, but no more than about twelve months. And
further only in exceptional cases the Attorney-General or his deputies and too
it isn’t infinite. I don’t see in this case any complexity and any need of
extension of terms of pre-judicial investigation. The person can’t eternally be
in position of the suspect or accused and to be limited in a freedom of


Kharlamov remembered that when he asked questions to the first experts who
found “negative data” that such religion
that such atheism – “they couldn’t give the objective answer”.


Even being in such unclear status, Alexander Kharlamov
doesn’t lose presence of mind: he continues to give legal aid to citizens,
continues to be published in the regional press and even presented the small
book. It is necessary to tell, as local bodies don’t interfere with its
activity now unless for departure out of limits of area it is necessary to get
permission in police. But, perhaps, thus the new investigator also hopes to dig
out something, for presentation of new charges? As for old offenders – the
prosecutor and the investigator who stirred up all this ugly trouble – that
them was scattered on different areas.


 – I claim that only atheism, scientific
outlook has to unite all people, all mankind, the whole world. The outlook
based not on myths, and on scientific outlook,
– Alexander
Kharlamov repeated before journalists the “seditious thoughts” for
which he and was made responsible earlier by “new inquisition”. And
again he called Jesus “the real person” and “the ingenious
Judaic philosopher” for whom the former prosecutor stood up.


And though Alexander Kharlamov with the deepest piety
treats Jesus’s precepts, he doesn’t intend to forgive the offenders, and
considers that like “the first human rights activist” – to Christ –
at first he has to assert the rights, and then make responsible those who
created the next wildest precedent which made a laughing-stock of all country
together with its legal system for Kazakhstan.

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