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“Vladimir Kozlov proved that the authority is guilty itself”


The press conference devoted to the third anniversary
of arrest on January 24, 2012 of the famous political and public figure of
Kazakhstan, the leader of People’s party of “Alga” Vladimir Ivanovich
Kozlov took place on January 28 in the press center of Bureau on human rights.


Three years and three days after Kozlov’s arrest
contained months of imprisonment in pre-trial detention center of Committee of
the National Security in Almaty and Aktau, two trials with a sentence by 7,5
years of imprisonment, three railway stages through all Kazakhstan, stay in
colonies of Petropavlovsk and Zarechny.


In this corrective facility about 70 km from Almaty
the prisoner was visited more than once by senior representatives of the
European and international organizations; Vladimir Ivanovich’s visit by the
special rapporteur of the UN on issues of freedom of peaceful assemblies and
the right for creation of associations Mayna Kiai during his visit to
Kazakhstan on January 20.


The problem of a freedom of assembly and associations
have a direct bearing most on criminal prosecution of Vladimir Kozlov whom
arrested soon after defeat of a strike of oil industry workers of Zhanaozen,
whose peaceful assemblies dispersed the authorities, and the strike eventually
was stopped by mass execution on December 16, 2011. Regarding the right for
creation of associations, a year later after Zhanaozen execution the Kazakhstan
authorities with reference to already pronounced sentence forbade Kozlov also
the Alga party led by him.  


All this was remembered by participants of today’s
press conference, having highlighted with especially political nature of
criminal prosecution of Kozlov – colleagues on the closed party
“Alga!” and the political prisoner’s spouse Aliya Turusbekova a day
earlier seeing the husband on short meeting.


KUANYSHALIN, V. Kozlov’s friend and party member “Alga!” reported:


– Exactly three years
ago, at the end of January, 2012, our friend and the colleague Vladimir Kozlov
was arrested by bodies of Committee of National Security and was sent in a
pre-trial detention center, the so-called investigation was started, and in
September of the same year there was a so-called court with removal of a
so-called sentence.


t was not the court,
but a court on which frankly condemned the person who wasn’t committing any
crimes and even offenses, differing in high law-abidingness and respect for the
law it and others always urged to work only with lawful methods. Vladimir
Kozlov was condemned to seven and a half years of imprisonment whereas he
doesn’t sit and seven and a half days!


In his speech in the court Volodya proved in the most
convincing way not only innocence of himself and friends , but also the
companions on a dock all oil workers condemned a little earlier. He extremely
logically proved that the authority is guilty of all event in Zhanaozen.


Aliya TURUSBEKOVA shared the impressions after the last
meeting to the husband:


– In July, 2014 he had
a right for simplification of the mode that is for the transfer to a colony
settlement. But for this reason before the date of the expiration of one third
of term declare the collecting which is formally putting a cross on the
facilitated mode. And all attempts of the condemned allowed removing this
reprimand through the judicial claim of nothing. Nevertheless, Volodya is very
positive person, he always hopes for the best.

He tries not to waste
time, to study something new for himself. They have sewing college in colony, he
entered and completed the college. He gave me the pajamas which is with own
hand sewed by him for our son.


Former lawyer of party “Alga!” Erlan KALIEV


– Vladimir Kozlov
certainly is the political prisoner and the prisoner of conscience and
existence in the country of such prisoners and political convicts is the worst
for its political image. And for economic image also because it frightens off
foreign investors from the democratic countries in which the legislation and
law-enforcement practice don’t allow the similar. Any such investor now hundred
times will think, looking at Vladimir Kozlov’s history: whether he or she should
contact with the country which declares itself as democratic, and in practice
is rigidly authoritative.


Mikhail SIZOV, the former deputy head of party
remembered how Vladimir Kozlov reacted to the long strike of oil industry
workers which ended with execution:


 – Volodya very emotionally endured the tragedy
of workers of Zhanaozen with who approached and made friends during the trips
to this city in months of a strike. All his speech of those months at the
international forums where he was invited often, were in protection of the oil
industry workers oppressed by the authorities. And Volodya understood that the
authorities of it won’t forgive him and he simply even knew about it! During
the last as it appeared trips to Brussels on a forum of the European Union he
received absolutely authentic warning of the preparing arrest.


Participants of a press conference once again urged
the authorities of Kazakhstan to think again and release Vladimir Kozlov
recognized as the political prisoner at the international level. Especially as
Roza Tuletayeva not so long ago suddenly was released one leaders of oil
industry workers of Zhanaozen, and a bit later from psychiatric clinic is let
out the human rights activist from Balkhash Zinaida Mukhortova that speaks
about some progress. However, there are fears to believe that Vladimir Kozlov,
despite requirements to release him, continuously distributed within the
country and from abroad, will become a subject the of the auction of the power
with the foreign partners.


The Kazakhstan power is simply obliged to release
Vladimir Kozlov; all bases for this purpose are available for it!

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