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“It is out of revenge for my civic- minded”


13, 2014 in Almaty, the press center of the Office of Human Rights was to take
place a press conference with the participation of the residents of Astana and
Shymkent, who have been victim of police, judicial and prosecutorial
arbitrariness. However, of all the declared members was able to get Almaty only
Zeynep Shakirganova from Astana. The two of women have not given to board the
train in Astana, the residents of Shymkent were appointed on January 13 hearings.
Z.Shakirganova was attacked by two unknown persons, right in the waiting room
of the station, who began rummaging through her documents and took out some

history of Shakirganovs family is divisible into four bitter episodes.


According to Z.Shakirganova, all troubles began in 2009 when judicial
executioners, forcefully evicted the family together with three children from
the apartment that legally acquired, but which got under the preying schemes of
swindlers. During the eviction the pregnant daughter-in-law of Zeynep was
severely beaten and ultimately gave birth to a heavily disabled baby. After Z.
Shakirganova could prove the illegitimacy of the verdicts which two judges
passed, the main perpetrator of the roguish scheme got under investigation –
owing to the fact that among the two judges who appeared on the dock, one
committed suicide. In spite of this, the apartment that belonged to Shakirganovs
wasn’t returned.


June 9, 2014, was sentenced to five years in prison Azamat Shakirganov –
Zeynep’s son – on charges of complicity in the murder. During the trial, Azamat
stated about tortured on that the court did not respond. There is also certified
evidence that at the time of prescribed murder A.Shakirganov was at work. However,
due to the fact the witness-employer, according to the Court, could not appear
at the trial, the court did not take into account that document. Another casual
witness provided written and oral testimony that she saw at the police station,
under the dictation of the police officers? Azamat forced to give evidence,
changing the address of finding body of the deceased. Another witness – a
friend of the deceased, recognized the victim, gave evidence that did not know
the deceased in the submitted photos. There are written testimonies about
threats and attempted bribery by police officers, demanding that necessary to
them witnesses gave testimony.


Position of incident has not been thoroughly defined: on the spot (by the
investigation) did not find any evidence, while in the place of residence of
the deceased were found traces of defeat. As has not been established and the
time of death, even approximately. Legal Medicine motivated by the fact that
the corpse month froze on the street. Initially, the corpse appeared on
December 21 as a non-criminal reports DIA. However, according to investigators
and court the murder occurred on December 22 and the body was found the next
However the judge recognized all these moments, as
attempt of the defendant to evade responsibility and doubtful indications in
all cases which would testify in favor of the defendant.


At the moment A.Shakirganov
is in prison, where he contracted a severe form of tuberculosis.

Zeynep Shakirganova was also
sentenced to one year imprisonment conditionally for alleged insult the
prosecutor and another person during the trial 17 February 2014. The fact of
abuse allegedly took place in the corridor of the court and was witnessed by court
clerk, but a woman was prosecuted only at the end of May 2014, convicted in
October of this year.


The woman could get a
meeting with the General Prosecutor Askhat Daulbaev who instructed his
subordinates to restore the legitimacy but his order was never carried out, and
the city prosecutor’s office simply ceased correspondence. “Correspondence
with you was over, Daulbaev told the word” – Z.Shakirganova leads
statements by the city prosecutor’s office. – “Then, it turns out Daulbaev
-” wedding general? “- She asked. More a woman was unable to make an
appointment to the General Prosecutor of the opposition of junior staff.


It is out of revenge for my civic- minded.
I prove the guilt of the judges “, – convinced the woman.


At the moment the former
economist Z.Shakirganova and her four foster children (two of them with severe
disabilities) live in an apartment, purchased at auction on which they cannot
obtain the rights, because of what the children cannot obtain a residence
permit and obtain treatment. A child with cerebral palsy, according
Shakirganova is not recognized as a disabled person. All family income was only
the money received for patronage. But now the guardianship preoccupied in order
to deprive Zeynep Shakirganova of patronage on the children left by her
imprisoned son.


Full story about Zeynep
Shakirganova see on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shX7j2JFY2s&feature=youtu.be


Contact phone of Zeynep
Shakirganova: +7 705 7576198

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