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The committee is not guilty


Trial process by the convicted Kazakhstan drivers in Uzbekistan against Aktobe National security committee was concluded in Aktobe. Two judicial meetings were enough to understand that the Committee will not pay any compensation for moral and physical sufferings of KAMAZ truck drivers.


As it was informed earlier former prisoners of Nukus investigating insulator required in their own suits 10 million tenge for each of 27 wronged drivers.


They confirmed that have gone for 240 km in February 2009 from the district centre of Shalkar city to the border their pillar of thirty lorries wasn’t stop by neither frontiersmen nor one time. Neither all through way nobody from drivers see nor one identification sign, pointing to presence of border. Later people being in prison haven’t ever been in such places, got to know all charms of life: one of the drivers dead, other infected tuberculosis in camera.


If state selects a facility to the registration of the border, so where goes this considerable money? Drivers were assigned by rhetorical question.


In turn, the representatives of border troops reported that there were several 1,2 metres height poles, but there were no people because there were afraid of frostbite of their personal composition (at frost in 35 degrees). In general, drivers should had guess by themselves that they had drive up or had reach the border, calling on uncomplicated mathematical count, multiplied distance to time. Now guilty frontiersmen, apropos, are penalized. Truly, it is unknown how and in what amount – all this is a state secret, which is covered by vulture “secretly”.


The judge Zhanna Lee supported the opinion of “frontiersmen” unanimously and left drivers’ suits without any satisfaction, not finding in their requirements any legal bases.

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