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An appeal of the Kazakhstan International bureau for human rights and rule of law on traffic accident




On traffic accident


            On the night of July 26-27, 2009 Kanat Moldabaev died as the result of a tragic set of circumstances.


            On the un-lit road from Almaty to Kara, several hundred meters from the village of Akdal, at approximately 10:10pm, an automobile being driven by Yevgeniy Zhovtis (the Director of the Bureau for Human Rights) hit a man.  The accident took place in the middle of the road, approximately 1.8 meters from the shoulder.  The man was hit from the back and died on the spot.  In addition to the driver there were three other men in the car, which was traveling at approximately 90 kilometers per hour.  The driver immediately summoned the police and an ambulance to the scene.


            Tests determined that the driver, Y. Zhovtis, was sober.


            This was a terrible tragedy.  We express our sincere and deep sympathy to the family, relations and close friends of Kanat Moldabaev, and share their sorrow over the loss of a man who was close to them, a son, a brother, a friend…


            This terrible accident is not just a loss for the family of Kanat Moldabaev.  It is also a personal tragedy for Yevgeniy Zhovtis, not so much as a famous human rights defender and social activists, but as a simple human being.


            We express our appreciation to all those who have supported and expressed their sympathy for the family of Kanat and supported Y. Zhovtis in this difficult situation.


            We appeal to everyone, and especially to the mass media, and request they do not politicize this sad accident or seek to exploit this human tragedy for propaganda purposes, and that they respect the feelings of all those who are involved in this situation.


            Now, everyone involved needs time: the family of the deceased in order to try to overcome their severe loss, which will be difficult, and Yevegeniy Zhovtis, in order to overcome the deep shock caused by these events, which will also be difficult.


            We hope that our appeal will be accepted with understanding and respected.


Almaty, July 29, 2009



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