Two in one


Relatives of condemned and prisoners themselves addressed to the Pavlodar branch of Kazakhstan bureau for human rights the various questions who during the conversations noticed that in detention centers of the Pavlodar region it is freely possible to get drugs in any quantity and at any time.


To the question how narcotic substances get there, they, as a rule grinning, set a counter question: « How forbidden subjects and drugs can get to the closed regime establishment?» and said affirmatively that in most cases forbidden things can get to the closed zone only in presence of establishment employees. On the given facts nobody submitted any complaints and applications as such state of affairs, seemingly, it suited to all.


One week ago the fact of participation of the employee of one of closed institutions spreading of drugs among condemned, leaving punishments in the places of confinement, found the acknowledgement and was widely shined in mass media. The captain of justice, the deputy chief of an operations section of a colony of strictly mode AP 162/3 was delayed on the 1st of July by employees of Department of Committee of national security on the Pavlodar region with 9 grams of heroin and 30 grams of hashish. Concerning it was instituted a criminal case  and accused in illegal acquisition of narcotic substances in large and especially large sizes for the purpose of further sales to the drug addicted people containing in confinement places.

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