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The stream of complaints grows up


Literally one week ago active workers of party “Azat” stopped a call to unite victims of the Kazakhstan justice and a consequence. On the press – conference they urged citizens to create public commission and to supervise an activity of the courts and power departments.


In Kazakhstan about that in courts and law-enforcement structures all is not fine speak for a long time.


– Especially impresses quantity of complaints from relatives of drug addicted people, – told to our correspondent Galina Dolgova – the volunteer of Almaty regional branch of party “Azat”. – People are dissatisfied with how policemen work and substitute.  Instead of treat those unfortunate people accuse in storage and sale of drugs and condemn for long terms.


Here that inhabitant of Taldykorgan, Sarkan and Tekeli write in the complaint:


«Now our relatives are in regional investigatory insulators. They accuse under the article 259 of Penal code of the RK (acquisition and storage of drugs). In their relation the investigation was spent with infringement of criminally-legal procedure. Namely: biological examination of narcotics of sweat-fatty allocations from fingerprints at withdrawal is not spent. Examination of money resources proving that money was withdrawn from suspects is not spent. In criminal case participate the same pseudonyms more often cadets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Intimidate witnesses and they refuse from their initial indications».


The news came to the public commission and from Talgat Omarov concluded in Taldykorgan in investigatory insulator # 6. He is accused of storage and sale of drugs. The man writes:


«At present there are 30 persons on forged affairs. All of them are accused of manufacturing, storage and sale of drugs. They decided to make from them drug barons, but they are simply sick addicted people. And real drug barons with a support of werewolves in epaulets leave dry from water. I have facts and substantiations how employees of the Department against drug spreading support drug barons and deliver them heroin. We are compelled to go on hunger strike».


Taldykorgan residents Elena Plohotnikova and Raisa Shevchenko (their relatives also are condemned for storage of drugs) will not write complaints any more. Women got tired of state formal replies from supervising body. Searching for justice ladies decided to arrange meeting on a central square of an administrative centre of Almaty region. The statement for carrying out of protest action they directed to the Saken Zhylkajdarov – a mayor of Taldykorgan city.


Earlier other resident of Taldykorgan Ljubov Mitrofanova tried to protect her son going on hunger-strike. According to her words policemen enclosed heroin to the pocket of her son and then arrested him. Today her son is condemned for 4 years and serves time in Zarechnyi settlement.


According to the statistics 20 % of prisoners of Kazakhstan are is sick addicts. And about 90 % from them are not distributors of drugs they are simply addicted people who require immediate treatment. Such numbers usually result experts in drug-attracting.

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