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DCK – is outlawed


It was informed earlier that as a result of coordinated actions by General public prosecutor’s office, Committee of registration service of Ministry of Justice (CRS MJ) and economic court of Astana was accepted a decision about liquidation earlier registered Republic public association “Alga, DCK!.” (DCK is abbreviation of Democratic choice of Kazakhstan)

The RSA “Alga, DCK” was registered in November 2007, with the following registration of 16 regional branches. However, in the 27th of May 2009 by the statement of General Department which kept an eye violations of norms of Rules “About social associations”, as follows – presence in name RPA letters as DCK“, which repeats the name liquidated earlier by decision of the court of party; the court taking into consideration sincere repentance and confession of own mistake (registration of RSA) by the part of KRS MJ of RK, made a decision about liquidations of RSA “Alga, DCK!.” Given decision is disputed and has not entered to legal power yet.

In the 1st June 2009 to the CRS MJ of RK were sent documents for registration of Republican social association “D.V.K.” in which name was not repeated any letter from earlier registered or liquidated by decision of the court – social associations. In the 12th of June 2009 CRS MJ of RK made an «About refusal of state registration Republican Social Association “D.V.K”. The Reason: “In the 6th of June 2005 in forced order was liquidated social association “Public party:Democratic choice of Kazakhstan“.

By such kind of decision of CRS MJ of RK under the auspices of department’s and court’s organs, de facto and de jury acknowledged themselves performing functions of the political censor. The Constitutional rights of citizens for political association recognized as meaningless fiction openly, which is controlled by executive state organs. CRS MJ of RK in full contradiction of the background legislative norms “interprets on-notion” laws, blocking the constitutional rights for association of citizens on essences – earlier “noticed in dissidence”.

In country, who is preparing to become a Chairman of the OSCE main political rights of citizens are violated more cynical, system and diversionary. Not to see this – acknowledge yourself blind. Not to respond to this – inflict a serious damage to the decennial event created image of democratic organization. It is not easy choice. Will it be deserved?

P.S. The members of DCK are preparing for registration of new Republican social association. In spite of title it obligatory will be as DCK. Because we were, we are and we will be more.

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