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The authorities initiated a court case against the party “Alga” and public association “Alga, DCK”



Galym Keldibaev, a judge of intercounty administrative court of Almaty, made a decision in the 19th of May 2009, which obliges that Vladimir Kozlov, a chairman of the People party’s organizational committee has to pay fine in amount 137.300 tenge (slightly more than 900 USD) for “managing an activity of non-registered association”, and which is realized by Kozlov in the manner of publications, statements and interviews in miscellaneous time.

Simultaneously, the public prosecutor’s office of Almaty required the liquidation of the “Alga” party’s organizational committee, and daytime later in Astana was began a process on suit of the capital public prosecutor’s office about canceling the registrations of the public association “Alga DCK (Democracy Choice of Kazakhstan)!”, where the leader is Vladimir Kozlov. Finally, accusations in “managing an activity of non-registered association” were presented to Igor Kolov, a leader of the “Alga” party’s regional branch in Kostanai region.

By the organizers intention created in 2005 the party “Alga” should be a successor of oppositional party “Democratic choice of Kazakhstan”, which is being refused on registration of Ministry of Justice for about 3 years, in turn formed on the base of the same name movement, appeared during political crisis of November 2001.

In the December of 2004 the party “DCK” was liquidated by decision of the court on suit of the public prosecutor’s office, which put members of party in blame an acceptance political statement with mentioning about peace actions of the civil disobedience by convention of the party .Also public prosecutors jarred that oppositionists named “an acting power anti-national and illegitimate” (a quotation from text of the public prosecutor’s office suit statement).

In the September 2005 members of former party “DCK” (for that moment in the list of party members affixed signatures for 63.000 citizens of Kazakhstan) gave to Ministry of Justice documents on registration of People party “Alga, DCK!”. However, Ministry of Justice refused him on registration of the party, citing on inexactnesses in presented list of its members.

Then members of party undertaken second attempt in 2006, which didn’t give any results – neither registrations, nor motivated refusals, and thereafter registration of party is in suspending condition for about 920 days. We will note that under the law Ministry of Justice has 30 days for making decisions about registrations or refusals; however in legislation are prescribed “other circumstances“, which allow officials to blink from questions and delay the registration for vague time.

Parallels for halt on dead center process of party’s registration, members of party Alga with great difficulty could register Republican public association “Alga, DCK!” in 2008, however now the threat is hanging on them. The public prosecutor’s office of Astana puts in blame the coincidence of their name “Alga!” as the name of unregistered party.

Arrived on court to Almaty directly with judicial meeting in Astana, Vladimir Kozlov noted one collision:

– f the party’s organizational committee is liquidated, the Ministry of Justice will be able to cancel the registration of the public association, because there will be no one who can answer for it. Herewith Ministry of Justice has a right to delay the decision for any period, and party members, who paid registration duties repeatedly, have no right even on existence of organizational committee or initiative group.

However, notwithstanding whole obstacles repaired by power, public figure is intending to assert the right on existence at least on public association, and even intending to move over the counteroffensive. Politician gave simultaneous existence of public bodies, for example: – “Azat -1990″ and “Otan“, which don’t upset officials of Ministry of Justice and didn’t disturb to register two political parties, having in names common components, – accordingly Democratic Party “Azat” (sparingly oppositional) and Public-democratic party “Nur Otan” (formally ruling in Kazakhstan).

– So, if they liquidate us, – warns Vladimir Kozlov, – we will have all bases to give judicial with claim for canceling registration of “Nur Otan” in accordance with our precedent or about its forced renaming, for instance, to party “Nur“.

As we see, members of “Alga!” and the movementAlga, DCK!” being covered from two sides, are not intending to sit with fold hands. “If they solved to liquidate us as the party and as people association, we will go to the party registration again, moreover as the same party “Alga“,is certain convicted politician.

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