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Press-conference as an attempt of riot



The press-conference on the square near the regional department was already nicknamed as “mothers’ riot”. Women confirm that their husbands and sons – are wretch sick drug addicted people, but not steep drug dealers, as policemen present.


By Siyazym Kanibaeva words, her spouse had been sentenced for ten years. Even though a witness was a same man who passed on court integer number of deals, a criminal deal forged by the police was terminated successfully.


– I have on my hands a child who is two years old, and how will I live and raise my child without my husband? Nobody wants to think about it! – woman complains to the press.


Mother of prisoner Ruslan Ismagulov presented a letter from the one citizen, who was a witness on the deal of her son. An essence of the written statement: witness tells that he is a drug addicted person with big length of service, traffics drugs, and agreed with police that for delivering Ruslan Ismagulov (will record on camera a moment when he sales a portions of heroin) he will be “pardoned”, and his criminal deal will be stopped.


Public prosecutor’s office wasn’t interested in this message, police body on behalf of Marat Zhaniyazov – a chief of the Administration on combating narcotic trafficking of the Department of Internal affairs on Aktobe area considers that letter was written under the pressure of convicted person’s relatives. A person who delivered Ismagulov to the authority doesn’t respond to the calls of correspondents.


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