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May short nights… or Immured by demons



On the 1st of May 2009 approximately at nine o’clock in the morning Vasilii Shamin, a leader of local communists rang to my private house telephone and with emotional voice reported that a door in office of the regional committee of the Communist party of Kazakhstan is welded, herewith he asked me what to do because in the morning they were going to the Abai square to the activity dedicating to the celebration of a state holiday and the whole stored up beforehand attributes of the political party, complimentary booklets for inhabitants of the city were in the office. Beside it, he asked me to arrive to the place of the event.


To understand happened, it’s necessary to explain – on the eve West – Kazakhstan regional committee of Kazakhstan Communist party, branches to the political party “Azat”, public association “Alga” and movement “Pokolenie” (Generation) filed an application in installed by law order to the local executive organ of the Uralsk city on undertaking the peace mass-meeting in the 1 of May 2009, dedicating to the state holiday “Kazakhstan people’ unit day” in the garden on Gagarin street around former Repair plant, now it’s a Palace of Culture. Truly, as it would be expected, all public associations were refused on farfetched motive in connection with undertaking athletic actions.


After next refusal the employees of the Public Prosecutor’s office arrived to the office of local communists with written “explanation of the law” in order of the article 26 laws “About public prosecutor’s office” to Secretary of Central Comparty, V. Shamin the first secretary of the West Kazakhstan regional committee of Kazakhstan Communistic party.


However, keepers of the law, employees of state remedial organs of power as see do not distinguish the notion between physical and juridical persons and directed an explanation not to the branch of political party, they give to the physical person, who did not give any applications for undertaking the mass-meeting. Hereinafter,  Rashkaliev A.E. a public prosecutor of Uralsk city in his own explanation warned a leader of local communist about that he is waiting for inevitable attraction to administrative and even criminal responsibility if he disobeys and does not follow the directions of city akimate (department) in a part of refusal of undertaking the mass-meeting dedicating to the state holiday.


By the request of the public prosecutor’s office employees, a leader of Uralsk communists make a sign on “explanation of the law» but with clause of the following contents: “Similar actions of the public prosecutor’s office, suppose, are directed on intimidation of citizens”, and terribly “distressed” keepers of human rights, who cancelled with feeling of the feasible debt and full patriotism.


A perplexity causes, softly dialect, not refusal of undertaking the mass-meeting, wording of the refusal of the local executive organ itself and as named “explanations of the law” from public prosecutor’s office, where in both situations, is got that it’s impossible to conduct mass-meetings on mate of state holidays.


However, closer to subject: When I arrived to the office of KCP in 15 minutes there already were not less of twenty employees of police bodies with chief of Abai supporting point and some “civilians”, and task force conducted a search in the place of event, criminalizes removed the fingerprint from neatly delivered metallic plate, welded by dry welding to bore hole of the lock of front door of the office.


In a certain time I had a call by Anargul Abenova a leader of “Alga” and she reported that this night guard of the office, who was inwardly, heard that someone is working with lock of front door. When he gave a voice, he heard the patter of feet.


In the morning in lock they had founded the unknown material which looks like dry welding. And in several minutes Izgali Berkaliev, a leader of branch of the political party “Azat”, reported that his office was also subjected to blocking by unascertained persons this night and in the same way though all offices are in different ends of the city.


Very powerfully impression that someone attempted powerfully, that all members of oppositional organization of the region wouldn’t been able to participate in celebration of the state holiday and that with their presence and their attributes they can spoil a light image of the chapters of local executive authorities.


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