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Alumnus of the orphanage is in the psychiatric permanent establishment due to the asserting of personal rights



Anatoliy Romanov the former alumnus of the orphanage attempting to assert his constitutional rights on dwelling withdrew on the tree besides department city building of Uralsk In the 26th of February 2009.


On two posters which he has stored up beforehand was written: “Criminal deal – under the checking of President and general public prosecutor!” and “I require entering into agreement of housing hiring”. Romanov thought up about such unusual and striking way of the protest because if he simply came with posters to building of the department, the police will not give him even to unfold.


Romanov A.N. has found an empty one-room comfortable apartment where landlady has died and legal successors were absent, i.e. the dwelling must be recognized as property in judicial order. Romanov Anatoliy didn’t occupy the apartment without any permission and applied to department city but prudently has not reported the address of the apartment. Earlier he was refused in presentation of the apartment, prescribed him under the law. After leaving the orphanage he lived in the room of the youth building which is called “Shanyrak”.


After long circulation to the department city Romanov has been offered to collect the documents and tax on legalization property. During the collection of documents on legalization of the apartment he has heard that it is already legalized then sold and has afterwards pawned in a bank. Possible to expect that without participation of employee of executive and registering organ could not dispense. After repeated statements of Romanov to the bodies of internal affairs in July 2007 the criminal proceeding on fact of fraud has finally agitated.


Romanov gave the statement on undertaking the peace picket line in department city of Uralsk in connection with red tape of the investigation of the criminal deal. But on February 24th in 2009 approximately at 8 o’clock of the evening the employees of the police bodies entered to the apartment of Anatolii against his willing and under the direction of captain of the police ,district supporting point 12, which has ordered him to go to deputy of the leader of the Uralsk city to the M. Undaganov. However, Romanov refused to go with the police, fearing for his own life. Then, one of the employees of the police power tried to remove Romanov from apartment in rank. These kinds of actions by the police possible to regard as an excess of the authority and breach constitutional rights on inviolability the apartment of the former alumnus.


When in specified day of picket meeting Romanov came to the Abai square to the department city of Uralsk, there were already expected twenty policemen, employees of NSC and public prosecutor Rashkaliev A.E. Last of them has informed that public prosecutor’s office has declared the suit in interests of state about the confession of the decision by the commission on legalizations of the apartment as illegal.


In the 12th of March 2009 the police came to the apartment against Romanov willing and without any explanations delivered him to the centre of psychic health by force. In the night in the 13th of March Romanov, having taken the opportunity, run from permanent establishment and addressed with statement in branch law-enforcement organizations. Except this, proposed in writing form applied to public prosecutor’s office of the Uralsk city. His misgivings were not vain because beside the public prosecutor’s offices of the city was on duty the police car and  “ambulance” machine, however they did not dare to seize Romanov, who delivered the statement to public prosecutor’s office of the city in accompaniment with activists of the party “Alga”.


However, the police has installed the maintenance standby on living place of Romanov A.E. and in the 14th of March 2009 delayed and delivered him to the psychiatric permanent establishment. On fact of the breach the constitutional rights of the person public prosecutor’s office city don’t take any measures.


In accordance with rates by the article 13, the Law “About psychiatric help and guarantee of the rights of the people under this rendering” enforcement measures of the medical nature are used only by decision of the court in respect of persons, suffering by psychic frustration, made public dangerous deals, on bases and in order, installed by legislation of Republic of Kazakhstan. However, these rate data’s of the law police were ignore, which was specified by the lawyers in address of the regional public prosecutor.


The goal-directed agiotage in respect of personalities of the proposed, as possible to expect, is explained only that he conducted the unauthorized picket line, mounted to the tree, and for this reason, was given installation to make him as psychic unhealthy person, as well as render on him the pressure and definitively break his will.


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