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Anything is for opposition



“Azatmen” (members of party “Azat”) of Aktobe compel the city authorities to concern with the sport in the most unbefitting for this time of the year, when on the street there are a lot of slosh, dirt and puddles with snow mite.


Aidos Sadykov the leader of Aktobe branch of party “Azat” always was in love to extreme lifestyle. Now he has declared through local mass media that he will run an experiment on 32 article of Constitution, which allows people to conduct the peace meetings. Seven statements are left to the city department with request to select any territory for mass meeting. Azatmen are intending to protest as their Almaty management against the government of prime-minister Masimov.


Unfortunately every time the stadium in Aviatown (it is entered into the list of places allowed for peace meetings) turns out to be occupied. The hockey is played with ball on dirty puddle of “Aviator” or conducts the competitions on shooting, or quite exotic “scholastic-burn-in dues before the second stage of the cup of the world on poliatlon”.


– On behalf of Aktobe branch of party “Azat” we bring into court the city authority. – tells Aidos Sadykov. – The judge has reported that has beard two decisions but what kind? He didn’t give me them to my hands but said that he has sent the letter by mail.


Sadykov complains that the leader of the city doesn’t reply to his letters. Now in dialogue with oppositionist has entered Saniya Kaldygulova, the deputy of the city leader.  The last sharply cuts off:


– Oppositionists filed an application on undertaking the processions on central Abilkhair Avenue on the 21st of March. On the eve holiday if we shall refashion the streets, there will be traffic jams, we will not give you the avenue uniquely. We will consider other places.


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