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Chinese oil industry workers were subjected to mass beating in Aktobe region



Last week on place Severnaya Truva (Aktobe area) was occurred mass beating of Chinese oil industry workers. The Chinese workers took refuge from infuriated crowd Kazakh workers, running away in steppe and hide in vans of subcontract organization. The reason of the conflict: death of ethnical Kazakh man arrived on earnings from China.


The regional department of the labour informs that on February 26th between 16.00 and 20.00 p.m. during repair hydro crater workman “МНСК Sinopes Kazakhstan” ltd Erzhan Muhametzhan fell and was knocked by head. In heavy condition 29-years old young person was hospitalized in village Kenkiyak. The physicians diagnosed the fracture to shoulder bone, laceration of nape and the other traumas, from which in four hours worker deceased not coming to consciousness.


About dead person is known that he is from China, has got the residential permit in Kazakhstan and is prescribed in Karaganda. His father arrived to Kandyagash to withdraw body of his son.


The press-service of regional Internal affairs department reports that after death of Muhametzhan on February 27th in place Severnaya Truva has really occurred the conflict between Kazakhstan and Chinese workers, however the director of company in time come to place and settled the conflict. There were no knife-fights and fights, – reports the chief of press-services Almat Imangaliev.


Meantime with words of oil industry workers applied to local newspapers, it’s known that on place of event arrived the employees of Baiganin, Temir and Mugalzhar police department also public prosecutors from these three regions. The public prosecutor’s office presently leads the official investigation of happened event.


Also, the chairman of the trade union of “Great wall” ltd Bekbolat Umarov confirms that 200 Kazakhstan workmen had beaten in that day eleven Chinese people. Other scattered in steppe, some, passing kilometers on snow-clad elbowroom, were able to get before vans “Great wall”. As a result workers of  “Great wall” company didn’t sleep for three days and protect the Chinese from the further beats.


Moreover, information about beaten Chinese men in Aktobe hospital haven’t managed. Citizens of China have their own physicians in Aktobe area and medicine centre, explains the specialists.


The reason of the conflict trade-union workmen and oil industry workers see in unhealthy situation on place Severnaya Truva. They do not conclude the collective agreements with Kazakhstan workers, as well Kazakhstan citizens have law salary comparing to Chinese. Management of the Chinese company “МНСК Sinopes Kazakhstan” abandons to some commentaries.


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