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The follower of the Church of unification was released from custody



Elizaveta Drenicheva, religious preacher of the Church of Unification, who earlier was sentenced to 2 years of deprivation of the liberty on March 11th, was released from # 1 investigation prison of Almaty.


Will remind that two months ago the preacher of the worldwide Church of Unification (The Moon’s Church ) was acknowledged guilty in “propaganda of inferiority of the people on sign generic and class accessories”, founding on absolutely free interpretation notion “class” as families and “sort” as sort human by the court of first level.


Given condemnation of Almaly district court from January 9th of this year by decision of boards on criminal deals of Almaty city court from March 10th is left in effect in its ascertained part, but mollified in a part of the departure of the punishment – a deprivations of the liberty is replaced by the fine in approximately 200 USD but in count of the fine added already left 2 months under guards.


By unknown reasons Ms. Drenicheva was not delivered in court on March 10, that’s why was not rescued in courtroom. The resolution of the court was finished by phrase: “to release from custody immediately”. But even though so, they should release her from Investigation prison before the end of the day on March 10th as soon as corresponding resolution will sign. However in administration of the investigation prison #1 the resolution of the court executed incorrect, in the city court of the objection jailers exuded insolvent and refused to remake the resolution.


For this reason, was vented the appointed to March 11th press-conference of Drenicheva, her attorney and human right protectors. As a result of this “commanded red tape” released by the decision of the court girl continues to be for lattice. About this were reported the journalists, who came to the press-conference in National press-club, and Berik Idrisov – attorney of Ms. Drenicheva. After all he went again to the Almaty city court to obtain the correct registration of the resolution about his client’s liberation, but from there – to the investigation prison to obtain the performances of this decision.


In the evening of this day the preacher of the church was released.


Remains the opened question about causal relationship above-mentioned “technical” red tapes and bewilderments with fact of the undertaking the press-conferences where journalists were able to see the freed victim of the religious persecutions in country – a future chairman of the OSCE.



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