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Independent public organizations are not allowed to the fight against the corruption



In Kazakhstan fight against the corruption is determined as one of the main priority of government policy. Within the framework of governmental program authorities from the high tribunes speak about the necessity of the constructive development and fortification of the partner’s relationships between the state and public associations in purpose of the reinforcement of the public checking for state organ’s activity. But in practice these actions gain the ugly line.


In the opinion of Lyaila Hadjimuratova, the Chairman of the Taldykorgan public association “Right for a labour”, independent public advices on fight against corruption which are created under each state organ – non-act. Moreover, on wholly explicable reason: the Council, as a rule, leads the head of the state organ and members are loyal people to it. Naturally under such position no one can check anybody. But under the suitable event it’s always possible to report about that in their department put public checking.


Galina Dolgova, the activist of the Almaty regional branch of political party “Azat” speaks: “Local authorities and state organs in every way avoid the constructive cooperation with us in questions of the fight against corruption. Here is already more than a month we can not get information about the area budget in 2009. We were not allowed to present at the last session of the Maslihat (city Parliament) where was discussed the budget for the current year. But all therefore that we had declared about undertaking the action “For transparent budget”.


Today in Kazakhstan fight against corruption leads the party of authorities “Nur-Otan”. The local branch to this party has signed the memorandum about fight against corruption with law-enforcement bodies. Party employees regularly from the akimat’s mass media pages tell about done work.


But in the interim the Almaty area had fallen into six the most worst in rating of perception regions’ corruption.


The Majority of Kazakh people are sure that the corruption was set by the power. And in the first place who got rich not by honored methods using state service.



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