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To two years was sentenced the citizen of Russia, follower of Unification church



Punishment by confinement to two years in the colony established regional trial in attitude to Elizaveta Drenicheva, the citizen of Russia. The resident of Moscow, who is the follower of the church of Unification, was accused of exclusiveness propaganda, predominance or citizen’s incomplete by the feature of theirs attitude to the origin and estate belonging. This article according to the Penal code of the RK falls to the hardest articles, which income to the list of crimes “against humanities piece and security”.


The proceeding about the citizen Drenicheva was instituted in April last year. Being the volunteer of this church, she read lectures for interested people about the Bible’s bases and religious organization’s beliefs. The NSC’s employee Sergey Medvedev (assumed name) has visited four lectures and made a secret record after what he wrote the declaration, that he felt the impairing of human dignity, because on the seminars they lobbied that the human at the start is incomplete, and if you want to cleanse you have to make a family based on God, and that the Moon Son Men’s movement will help you. Moon Sun Myung and his wife are organizers of this movement, and that there are parents, who make an ideal family, simultaneously impairing other parents.


Also two witnesses endorsed his words, and no one couldn’t explain the terms and words in the recordation, as they realized later, both of them know the Russian language very bad. As explained one of the witnesses, he didn’t like that they talked about the God and Jesus.


The judge made a decision basing on the professor’s expertise of E. Burova, professor of Institution of Philosophy and law, where is written that “Drenicheva’s lectures contain organization’s ideas propaganda, which she is belonging to…She damages the citizen’s mentality, make doubts and disprove the norms of rights and morals. Her actions have damage character for people who fall under her influence lectures. All this notices have negative character on the social stability and citizen’s sense of confidence in their security, eroding the unity of Kazakhstan people.


In the other expertise of professor Baisalbaeva says, that: “In lectures which are headed by Drenicheva brought the idea about person’s incomplete in attitude with his origin’s belonging, and to force an opinion on insolvent of person as on the incomplete. They draw a parallel to the complete and chosen person who has to dedicate his own life and achievement for God.  Person has to understand and dedicate own life to the clerical idea. This definition is dangerous and impaired for the human’s personality….The lectures of Drenicheva are directed against civil-legal and married couple relations, which exist in the Republic of Kazakhstan.”


The Judge under the Court’s chairman Mrs. Keikibasova established, that the citizen Drenicheva, who was born in 1978, “propagated the movement’s ideology, realizing that it’s prohibited  to propagate citizen’s incomplete by the feature of theirs attitude to the origin and estate belonging; intentionally read lectures, which propagate incompleteness of citizens……”


The Church of Unification – religious organization, which is relevant yourself to the Christianity, was based in 1954 in South Korea by Moon Sun Myong. has offices in every country of the world. Official name is “Association of Saint Spirit for the World Christianity Integration”. Registered and makes own legally achievement in Kazakhstan since 1997.


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