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Relatives of boy who was abducted by the police are forced to “purgatory”


These days financial police was interested in involvement of employees of Aktyubinsk STQR (the special troop of the quick reaction) in disappearance of 19 years old Aset Bekdairov whose remains of the body were found not far away from Aktobe.


He was disappeared from his house in the beginning of June. He was walking with his friends when suddenly “Nissan” drove up to their company and people in the form of the STQR darted out from machine took him into the car. Later members of the STQR noted that they had just taken him to the specified place told by certain woman who was in the same machine and left him there.


For a long time police refused to declare in search a young person. There couldn’t be any speech about institution of the criminal deal against STQR employees.


A mother of disappeared Aset Bekdairov has directed a statement to the public prosecutor’s office and Committee of national security. As a result Police department of the own security had conducted investigation and considered that police members had not any relations to disappearance of boy, it was not abduction of person, his disappearance voluntarily.


Only in two months after visiting the head of city police relatives of Bekdairov had received the copy of the resolution about refusal on institution of criminal deal in respect of to police members.


After repeated addresses to the General department a local public prosecutor’s office, finally, directs the resolution about institution of criminal deal to the Sazdinskiy police division on fact of abduction of Aset Bekdairov.


For about three months relatives of this boy were searching for him themselves.


On the September 14th bone remains of the person were found on cane thickets Sazdusky water basin which is separated under the city. It was all that remained from Aset. However relatives do not believe to the conclusion made by judicial medical experts confirming that body of Aset was found in bulrush around three months, and require conducting more searching inquiry.

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