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Was there any caliphate?


Relatives of convicted persons confirmed that the first affair of Islam terrorists in Aktobe turned out to be falsified. 


In Aktobe relatives of convicted terrorists emerged with statement that the affair against them people was falsified. An investigation of 17 volumes was considered in record short period – in three days. And this was not the sole reason for loud statements. Citizens of the village are to request assistance to the international organizations, supervision collegiums and Kazakhstan Supreme Court.


Earlier, it was communicated that six inhabitants of Mugalzhar and Temirskii regions on Aktyubinsk area were detained on spring of this year and were condemned for the act of terror preparation in oil pipeline. Foreign investors, especially Chinese investors became an object which provoked dissatisfaction of orthodox Muslim people. Explosives and weapons were found beside detained people. It was established that they had conducted field trainings and decided where to be concealed in case if they would be in search. Six rural wahhabites were sentenced to 10- 13 years of punishment. The leader of the group is 17 years old.


An appeal was considered in the 24th of October in the Aktobe district court. They didn’t reach any changes in punishment. By the words of Zhaynagul Aydapkelova , a wife  of convicted Erkin Doskaliev, in first judicial meeting from all 34 people 5 of them were absent and other present gave similar evidences – Zhaynagul confirms that they were pressed and intimidated. Wives for nine months had not any appointments since the day of their husbands’ detention.


Ayman who is a wife of “group’s” leader explains that members of the Committee of National Security had found the weapons on the street under the hay stack. There was no imprint of delayed on the edge, however, he was already attracted for keeping of the weapon. Attesting witnesses of this event were brought within by the car.


People from the same village had collected for about two hundred signatures in defense of convicted. However, in the court it was success to manage only three of them. Sheets with rest signatures were destroyed by the convicted neighbor, who in no time reconsidered and were afraid to protect the countrymen.


There is one more breach: deal was considered not in Temirskii region, where the events were occurred, but in Mugalzharskii region. To the court were given petitions from the layers who hadn’t introduced with all details of the affair yet. A refusal was their answer.

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