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  • For insulting the judge journalist Lukpan Akhmediarov was arrested to five days

For insulting the judge journalist Lukpan Akhmediarov was arrested to five days


Correspondent of the newspaper “Uralskaya nedelya” (Uralsk week) Lukpan Akhmediarov was sent to the prison immediately subsequent to former adviser of the regional department Alpamys Bekturganov. He was put in prison “for insulting the court”.


The public prosecutor’s office asked to punish Lukpan Akhmediarov with fine in size of ten month accounting factors, but court used the administrative arrest to five days. The question is that on the eve was ended the court on suit of Baktykoja Izmuhambetov – akim (mayor) of the region against his own former adviser Alpamys Bekturganov. The journalist Akhmediarov was caused to the court as witness.


In resolution of the court is spoken that “Lukpan Akhmediarov in the 11th of the August, 2009 was questioned as witness in lawsuits by complaint of Izmuhambetov to Bekturganov. In the course of questioning the judge remarked Akhmediarov for several times because he answered the questions on questions by Tuleeva. After the questioning on explanation by judge Karasaeva about that he can be free or remain as listener in courtroom, offender Akhmediarov answered that will not participate in this “booth” and deleted from common-room of the judicial meeting. Hereunder, Akhmediarov show the disrespect to the court and made an administrative offense”.


As confirms Lukpan Akhmediarov, he did not insult the court. In his opinion, Mustahim Tuleev an attorney of the regional department started to exceed the limits of questioning and with comments afforded to doubt in his intellectual ability.


“Mustahim Tuleev transformed the judicial meeting to the sheer booth. He gave not only provocative questions, but also tried to hear my opinion on different questions. The Judge Karasaeva did not respond to behavior of the attorney at all and all time raised the voice on me. So I didn’t control myself…”, – said Lukpan Akhmediarov on court.


However, court considers otherwise. Lukpan was arrested on Friday, in the 14th of the August. But daytime earlier a process on suit of the leader of West-Kazakhstan area to his former adviser Alpamys Bekturganov was terminated. Bekturganov convicted for year of the prison, and was found “guilty in slandering the leader of the area”.


We will remind that Lukpan Akhmediarov was fallen into broad field of public vision of Kazakhstan in January of this year first time for assigning uncomfortable questions to the Baktykoja Izmuhambetov – akim of West-Kazakhstan area and was dismissed from local telecompany “TDK-42”. Leading journalists of Kazakhstan published in February an address to Muhtar Kul-Muhammed a minister of the culture and information with request to interfere in this deal and help to restore the journalist to work. Then authorities of the West-Kazakhstan area endeavored to burke this conflict.



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