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The Internet in Kazakhstan will be controlled by the service of response to computer incidents


According to the project of  government resolution prepared by Agency of informatization and communication (AIC) of the RK in the near future under the Republic state enterprise on economic conduct rights of Republic of Kazakhstan Agency of informatizations and communication “Center of  technical support and analysis in the field of telecommunication” will be created Service of reactions to computer incidents.


Given Service will realize following goals:


1) co-ordination of actions by the subdivisions of computer safety of state organs, communication operators, as well as other subjects of national information infrastructure on questions of offenses prevention in the field of computer and information technology using;


2) collection, analyze and accumulation of information in corresponding database  about modern threat to computer safety, got from users, producers of the computer technology and software, similar foreign structures, as well as materials of concrete computer incidents, efficiencies applicable software-technical means of computer systems protection;


3) Technical monitoring and discovery of mechanism and resources of Internet network which is functioning in breach of the normative legal acts, adjusting an activity of Kazakhstan segment’s Internet network participants;


4) production of recommendations to national users of Internet on provision of protection interests of personality, society and state in information sphere, using of the most efficient fireware facilities, directed on prevention of acts of illegal penetration to the informational systems on bases of study and generalizations of international experience of computer safety provision, rendering of consulting services and technical support to national users;


5) operative receiving of messages and rendering emergency help on putting a stop to hacker attacks of computer systems, well-timed notification of the national users of Internet and other informational systems, including local and corporative, about appearing threat to computer safety.


An Agency of Republic of Kazakhstan on informatizations and communications has to confirm the regulations of the work of Reaction service to computer incidents, which defines an order of the interaction with state organs, communication operators and other subjects of national informational infrastructure, as well as consideration of legal and physical persons’ addresses on questions falling into its competency.


Materially technical provision of the Reaction service to computer incidents activity will be realized from republican budget.


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