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Free internet – free swimming!


On the 10th of July Karaganda policemen «made a prevent» the active participant of movement «For free Internet!» and on July 12th Astana Internet servers let across Ishim river paper ships in memory of departuring from us freedom of the Internet.


Policemen of Karaganda tried to take explanatory from the active participant r of campaign «For free Internet»


Law-enforcement agencies were interested in Andrei Tsukanov, young resident of Karaganda city.


On Friday on July 10th at 12:57 o’clock to his house came people from Department of the public safety of police, but didn’t find him. In the evening of the same day Andrei was caused to the local strong point of the police. As it was found out, employees of police were interested in the republican action «For the free Internet » which was nominated to July 12th. Policemen intended to take from Tsukanov explanatory concerning realization of this action in Karaganda, but he refused to go to a strong point without the summons and did not give any explanatory.


Karaganda activists know very well that it is not the first attempt to intimidate participants of campaign «For free Internet! And to prevent the realization of republican protest action scheduled for July 12th in the form of political flesh-mob.

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