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Beaten willing moderate the punishment


Past week Marina Turapina, a director of private house of youth, wrote several statements to the General Department, Ministry of Internal affairs and to editorial boards of Karaganda newspapers. Woman confirms that his alumnus Nikolai Bagautdinov was forced to abandon from claim to police.

We will remind that in Mihailov division the investigation of auto parking’ owners murder is continuing which has occurred in the end of March. Riot control interviewed all alumnus of private house of youth it’s an institution for graduates of orphanages which are separated not far from the place of the crime. And in several weeks after the murder the police declared Kolya Bagautdinov who is 22 years old is one of suspects. However, young person confirmed that confessed in murder under the pressure of police.

In the end of April five police members from the Mihailov division had got strict reprimand for breaches which they made during the investigation. Firstly, because instead of three hours, prescribed under the law, graduates conducted in building of division eight hours. Secondly, minor children were questioned without their tutors. But in the end of the May one of the graduates who was one of the suspects was exculpated from charges. In Department of own security was instituted a criminal deal “on fact of the excess of official authority by the employees of Mihailov division, which caused flesh-colored damages to Nikolai Bagautdinov“.

Immediately after these events members of the police from the Mihailov division began to visit our house regularly,says Marina Turapina. Maybe they want us not to raise the ballyhoo.

According to the words of shelter director, they came to her house too, and the telephone was ringing all the time by the chief of investigation division.

– Kolya was taken without my permits from shelter and they took him to the DIA, where under the pressure of members he wrote a statement that he hasn’t got any claim, – tells Marina Turapina.Unfortunately, my alumnus has neither will power, nor courage to withstand to the pressure from adult operas, thereby, people, who broke the law, have a possibility to avoid the punishments.

Marina Turapina doesn’t know exactly, how the riot control pressed on Kolya Bagautdinov: by threat or promises. But a young person does not spread any information about it. A director declared about her intention to obtain the continuations of the effect on this deal and following its issues to court.


Newspaper”Novyi vestnik”


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