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Mister Vagabond


American businessman Edward Krakowskii experienced on himself an old wisdom – do not swear off from the prison and from bag.

Now, I am a vagabond, – he signs. I can’t be registered in migratory police, to get medical care, I am even scared to walk on streets: If the policeman notice me, he will send me to the special receiver immediately for whips.

In the 12th of April Edward arrived to the Almaty. It wasn’t his first visit in our country; Mr. Krakowskii arrives to Kazakhstan every 2-3 months because his business requires it. But this time members of the Almaty financial police met him at the airport. A criminal deal was the reason of the similar cordiality by financial police, which was instituted in September 2007 where Edward appeared as witness.

As soon as I entered to the building of airport members of the fin police came to me, put me into the car and carried for questioning, – says Edward. – Kept me for about 6 hours and after have set me free.

In 10 days, in the 22nd of April, American was again in financial police. But this time he came not alone, he was with his attorney Karlygash Nurpeisova.

Edward was questioned, and then investigator Kyrbaev asked him to show him his passport: breakwater to write details about my client in protocol, – tells attorney. – Taken his passport investigator put it in safe and told that he withdraw it.

Instead of the passport Edward Krakowskii has got the resolution about using the measure of suppressing: “Taking into account that E. Krakovskii has a constant place of residence, by the place of residence he characterized positively, on dependence has a minor child… use in respect of inculpated Eduard Krakovskii measure of suppressing in the manner of subscriptions about non departure. And from witness he was changed as the main inculpated.

– An absurd document! Whence an investigator knows how I am characterized by my place of residence? – bewilders Edward. – I have no minor children – my daughter is 24 years old.

As we realized, about presenting the accusation to the citizen of the USA Edward Krakovskii and withdrawal his passport neither in American embassy in Kazakhstan, nor in Ministry of Foreign Affairs in RK do not know, though by acting of legislation and international norms even questionings of foreign persons must occur with witness of consul. And, as we were insured in MFA, financial police had no right to withdraw the passport without presence of American diplomat.

– My passport doesn’t belong even to me, it is – a property of United States, – resents Edward to the actions by fin police members.For about two years every time when arrived to the Kazakhstan I go to the questioning, so in the 22nd of April when the fin police called me again I didn’t notice any tricks: because I’m not guilty.

– My client doesn’t hide from effect, comes to questionings, gives evidences, in general renders to the effect feasible help, – confirms attorney Ms. Nurpeisova. – And they made him a vagabond, they deprived from a possibility to do business. Now he has no money, and to be available for traveler’s cheque you need a passport.

In financial police of Almaty members refuse to comment the situation about withdrawing the passport beside American. Yesterday, in the 12th of June we have directed an official letter to the Kairat Kozhamarov – a chairman of Agency RK for fighting with economic and corruption criminality with request to throw light to this deal.


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