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Vadim Kuramshin’s appeal denied


The Court in the city of Taraz, southern Kazakhstan, started and completed the appeal against the twelve year sentencing of Vadim Kuramshin. The judge, Lyazzat Ramazanov without any pretense of giving a fair hearing to Vadim confirmed that the twelve year sentence should stay in place.


This is a complete travesty of justice. Vadim was originally tried on these charges during a seven month jury trial ending in August last year. Despite being put under huge pressure by the police and regime, the jury found Vadim innocent of all but one minor crime, for which he was sentenced to a one year conditional sentence and released. He was however arrested again in December after the prosecutor appealed the sentence. The new sentence of 12 years was handed down in one day, and has now been confirmed by the appeal judge.


Apart from the clear breaches of procedure during the appeal, the arbitrary rejection of the original jury’s decision, the threats to take disciplinary action against Vadim’s defense solicitors and the removal of the OSCE representative Isham Khanova from her flight to prevent her monitoring the trial demonstrate that the Kazakhstan regime is doing everything to ensure that Vadim’s voice is silenced.


OSCE observer, Isha Khanova, was on her way to Taraz in Kazakhstan to monitor the trial of Vadim Kuramshin. However, according to reports, the Uzbekistan authorities have taken her off her plane. Her colleagues believe this was done at the request of Kazakhstan, in order to prevent international observers from attending the trial of the human rights defender. Fuller details to follow.


This shows that the Kazakhstan regime is very conscious of its international image, and protests can have an effect! Please continue to raise awareness of this huge injustice in the movement wherever you are, and continue to send messages of protest to


1:  Embassies of Kazakhstan in your country – a list of Kazakh embassies and consulates can be found here http://www.embassypages.com/kazakhstan


2: Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Kazakhstan

010000 Kazakhstan, Astana, D Kunayev s tap 31

Tel:             +7 7172 720111      Fax +7 7172 720110

Email  astana@mfa.kz


For an example of letters others have been sending, see this previous post http://campaignkazakhstan.org/index.php/2013/01/29/vadims-trial-postponed-again/

Copies please to campaignkazakhstan@gmail.com







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