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 To suspend a case in respect of public protectors occupants of two town dormitories”, – such decision was made by Specialized administrative court of Almaty on May 12th. Imash Mamatraimov, Rizada Zhakypbek and Amirbek Togusov are accused in organization of unauthorized public action and in “unauthorized public performance of State hymn of RK”.

Perennial suit between occupants of former dormitories of Almaty driving school # 1 with company Finex Corporation LTD was altered to new phase. Now public protectors are subjected to the persecution from the part of law-enforcement and judicial organs. We will remind that in the 8th of May, should be press conference where occupants and public protectors were intended to express their own opinions about court’s decision from 4th of May about forced evicting without granting other veins, more than one hundred people: basically they are families with children, full-grown-alones, invalids… But they didn’t have any talk with journalists.

Police delayed and delivered public protectors of former driving schools’ dormitory occupants: Imash Mamatraimov, Rizada Zhakypbek and Amirbek Togusov to the Zhetysu district police department.

– In police I was accused in co-organizing of public unauthorized action, – told Amirbek Togusov the chairman of National social democratic party of Almaty branch, having added herewith: – Rizada Zhakypbek was presented by absurd accusation – that she organized the collective performance of RK’s Hymn! It was written in accusation straightly!

In several hours of long questioning detainees were released. In the 12th of May took place meeting of protectors with B. Taimbetov – deputy of the public prosecutor of the city.

– We were beside him (Mr.Taimbetov), there were good and constructive offers but after we came out from public prosecutor’s office, one of the police man came to me and asked to pass with him to the Zhetysu police department. On half of way they sharply changed the route and made way to Specialized administrative court of Almaty, – told Amirbek Togusov.

Thereby, in this day, without any summonses, on the dock of inter county Specialized administrative court appeared Amirbek Togusov and Rizada Zhakypbek. In court they were accused by article 373 parts 1 by Codex of administrative offenses – an organization and participation in unauthorized mass-meetings, picket lines and other public actions.

By way of the main reason of detention, according to the words of Mr. Togusov, was named “organization of press-conferences”, press-releases, attracting attention of journalist to disastrous position dormitories’ occupants, were named “leaflets”. Rizada Zhakypbek in addition was accused in organization of “unauthorized public performance of RK State Hymn”.

Inculpated did not acknowledge their blames, declared about falsifications of accusations and presented the court claims in connection with multiple processing breaches. Having Listened to all sides, Nurzhan Pakirdinov – judge of inter county Specialized administrative court declared about halt of the judicial meeting for vague time – by reason of finding “flaw things” in protocol and processing actions – and directed the deal to the investigation .


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