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  • A pupil doesn't go to school on saturdays for religious considerations. Official from formation applied to the public prosecutor's office

A pupil doesn’t go to school on saturdays for religious considerations. Official from formation applied to the public prosecutor’s office



In Pavlodar a scandal about 12 years old shirker girl takes the turns. Girl from the family of Adventists and for religious considerations does not go to school on Saturdays. It brushed officials from city administration (akimat) a lot so they are going to put parents on trial.


12 years old Katya – is a champion amongst shirkers. For about eight months she regularly misses her occupations. A pupil of the fifth form as her parents visits the church of Adventists. And their religious doctrine forbids to work and study on Saturdays.


Zhanna Hamieva – is a head of studies for educational work in high school # 17 in Pavlodar:


– In spite of repeated conversations with parents child continue to miss school on Saturdays, in the general for present-day she had missed 150 hours and it is necessary to notice if we took rules as they were 15 – 20 years ago she would be already expelled from school.


There is 12 such kind of children in Pavlodar, confirms the pastor of Adventists. In the region live more than 300 parishioners. Worldly rules do not spread for them. Management of school persists: by the law parents are obliged to provide children visit of school. But Katya’s mother confirms: absences don’t affect on progresses.


Larisa Karpucheva, mother of Katya:


– She studies good and not in simple class, in gymnasium, secondly, some lessons, which she visits on Saturdays with  not gymnasium class, comes home, eats and afterwards goes there, thirdly, she studies with a tutor.


In the words of her parents Katya decided not to go to school on Saturdays by herself. But officials are sure that adult people decided on behalf of Katya.


Daulet Zakryanov, deputy director of internal policy management on Pavlodar area:


– According to the rate of the law we had to inform organs of public prosecutor’s office to accept measures of attorney influence in respect of parents, who practically prevent a child to get full-fledged education. 


In confirmation of their rightness Karpychevs literally covered the administration of school with endurance from Constitution about liberty of religion. But officials are waiting for answer from public prosecutor’s office. They are intended to put parents on trial.





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