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These days to our editorial board addressed an Almaty citizen Sergei Mahashev, major in retirement, chairman of Republic society of invalids of war in Afghanistan. His son Alimbek fell into extremely unpleasant scrape -organs of national security take care of 20 years old person seriously. This entire story began with trip in China…….


On November 2008 Mahashev’s family visited by tourist pass a Chinese city Urumqi. On one of the markets father and son bought two similar souvenirs – two fountain-pens with built-in video cameras. The cost of each fountain-pen did not exceed for 150 yuans, this is approximately for about 20 dollars.


In a week Mahashev’s family returned to the Almaty. And else in week Alimbek decided to go to learn in driving school to get the driving license. As it is well known in present this pleasure is not cheep, he is a student and both his parents – are invalids. And not to inflict damage to the household budget, he decided to sale something unnecessary. So this boy hangs on the internet site his announcement about salving a toy which was gained in China. And he had charged a cost for about 30 thousand tenge (200 USD).


Of course, it’s a comprehensible deal that there was no queue to bye a pen with video camera. But even so Alimbek had a rung and offered to meet. Shorter, he sold it. It was in the end of December.


After several months, at the end of February 2009, someone called him second time. They declared that want to buy the groups of ten such remarkable fountain-pen.


If the boy had a commercial vein, he would try made a stab business on unexpectedly appeared buyer’s agiotage.


He was thinking without any range. He confessed honestly that handle was single and he sold it. However clients showed persistence, rang him newly and newly. In general, Alimbek Mahashev recalled that his father has exactly the same fountain-pen. And he decided to wangle it. Father gave the fountain-pen his son, just lagged behind.


Alimbek agreed to meet with buyers on February 19th. Arrived to the meeting place with his girlfriend and while she was strolling in shops, he sold fountain-pen for the same 30 thousand tenge for two arrived boys. And when the exchange of goods on money was occurred, four machines flown up groups of ten critics in civilian, pounced from all sides. Lad was blocked by all rules of antiterrorism. Twisted him to the ram horn, hands for back, and manacles on wrists.


As it was realized, money was marked, and fountain-pen – horribly prohibited by the law goods. Alimbek was incriminated for the “marketing of the special technical facility for secret gaining and documenting information”.


It was brought to honour the accusatory conclusion to Alimbek Mahashev. This is not an official document; it’s some kind of song! Only because employees of National security committee (NSC) visited in Internet an official site and had found there absolutely open announcement by Alimbek and specified by him cellular telephone, is referred as “reception of operative information”. And because they called by this number, means as «introduction to criminal ambience for criminal activity imitation. Moreover they were introduced to this criminal ambience (on behalf of 20 years old student) and two lieutenants imitated there criminal activity.


According to the same accusatory conclusion Alimbek Mahashev bought these two fountain-pens in not installed effect place and beside unascertained person. Additionally he had done it undoubtedly unlawfully. Here, certainly, boys worked less time – it is possible by official account to organize the business trip in China, and find in local markets exactly that merchant, who sold Mahashev’s’  father and son these “spy” fountain-pens. Why not? But in the document, prepared for public prosecutor’s office and court, this fountain-pen with volume of two gigabyte memory and battery for two hours of removal, experts of NSC refer as “special technical facility, camouflaged under fountain-pen with video eye and mike, intended for secret reception of information”.


After the sources of the threat to our national safety were revealed and resolutely render innocuous, to be interested what followed the employees of NSC, who delayed Alimbek Mahashev and excitable on him criminal deal. Turns out to be, they were followed by the departmental order # 28 by the chairman of NSC of RK from February 15th 2008. Truly, this order has solely official nature, and citizens are not obliged to know that they were allowed by chief of the special service. Visibly, customs officials didn’t know about it because they were not interested in Chinese knick knacks when Mahashevs’ crossed the Kazakhstan border.


However, in that order is said that special technical facilities can be considered photo devices and video cameras, camouflaged under home subjects, with diameter of lens not more than 2 millimeters.


Clever readers will understand immediately, that thereby special service had left under the category all forbidden cellular telephones, equipped with camera and photo devices. So you can shackle any citizen of Kazakhstan in manacles boldly. Apropos, in comparison with telephone fountain-pen sold by Alimbek Mahashev, is equipped with brightly by luminous red indicator which is lead video- and audio records. It’s impossible not to notice removals or recordings.


And, finally, not attempting on abutments of national safety, will notice that the order of the NSC chairman disagrees to the signed earlier resolution # 528 of RK Government from June 23rd 2007. In governmental document is clearly specified that technical facility must have special functions for secret reception of information. As hereditary TV man I can say that such special function can be considered as possibility to control the hidden television technology on distance. Especially: use the zoom lens, change focus and foreshortening video records. Herewith there must be a possibility to trace all changes on screen and simultaneously write information to the separate carrier. But there was written nothing about the sizes of lens in this governmental resolution…


For two days a fraudulent “merchant of special technology Alimbek Mahashev” sat in ITI of CNS. Afterwards parents-invalids called him out. Under the apartment pledge. 

Tin these days his deal was sent to the Court. The Article, by which he passes, expects the punishment for 3 years of the deprivation of liberty. Minimum – a fine in size 500 minimum accounting factors. In recalculation on present rate it is 4 thousand dollars.



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