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“Taszhargan” newspaper is going to close



The editorial board of the newspaper “Taszhargan” in eve of Eurasian media forum suspends its activity in token protest against arbitrariness of the powers. About it to the “Republic” declared Ermurat Bapi the main reader of the newspaper.


Today the supervision instances of the Almaty city court has to consider the complaint of the attorney of the newspaper “Taszhargan” on decision of the appellate location city court about increase the amount of compensations by claim of Romin Madinov, a deputy of Majilise for publishing from 3 till 30 million tenge (20,000-200,000 USD). As we reported earlier, the decision by the Medeu district court of the Almaty was to recover from defendants in favor of plaintiff moral harm compensation in size of 3 million tenge, also to oblige a newspaper to publish the disclaimer to the former article about the “Poor latifundist”.


Counts are arrested, property is described


Thereby, the supervision instance of court postponed a consideration of the deal for month. Meantime a decision of the court about recovering 30 million has already entered to the legal power. Two weeks ago, according to the words of the main reader (the decision by the Kazakhstan court Mr. Bapi was deprived from right to work as an editor – ed.), the counts were arrested and the property of “Taszhargan” is described.


As declared Ermurat Bapi the following number of the newspaper will not be published. The call to the Administrative court of Almaty made him to do this conclusion.


– They want attract me to the administrative responsibility because our newspaper in the last issue had published the disclaimer wrongly according to the deputy Romin Madinov. Though the disclaimer was published in the same newspaper, on the same language, on the same band and same font! – he had declared.


In his words the “public prosecutor’s office and officers of the court do not know how to attract him to the administrative responsibility”:


A journalist had found other news:


– I received information that a public prosecutor’s office has stood the prescription, notice of arrest of the circulation of the newspaper, which leaves next week, in favor of plaintiff Romin Madinov.


…To know the opinion beside of the “main perpetrator” of occurring – Romin Madinov, a deputy of Majilise of Parliament – was failed. He had torn off our questions quickly “With best regards to press I do not give any commentaries”.



Newspaper “Respublika”


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