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  • The lower chamber of Kazakhstan parliament approved the draft programme, which eguates the blokes with mass media

The lower chamber of Kazakhstan parliament approved the draft programme, which eguates the blokes with mass media



The lower chamber of the parliament (Majilise) of Kazakhstan approved the draft programme in the first reading, which equates the internet blokes with mass media and providing a criminal and administrative responsibility for the owners of the sites, reports RIA News.


In correspondence to the document all internet-resources: web-sites, chats, blokes, internet-shops and electronic libraries – are equated with mass media with corresponding criminal and civilian responsibility.


“The main purpose of the draft law – is a fastening of legal mechanism in regulation of the questions about accommodations of information in internet-resources in purpose of protection of the constitutional rights of people, juridical persons”, – explained Kuanyshbek Esekeev, the Chairman of the state agency of informatizations and communications on Wednesday. He considers that owners of the internet resources have to bear responsibilities for spreading information.


“Those measures that suggest you they are really liberal, and I can give a list of countries where they have criminal responsibility (for publication in Internet),” – said Esekeev.


The draft law, in particular, provides fastening in media law about the authority of the general public prosecutor on halting of spreading the media information, which is discordant to the legislation.


The draft law is also contribute an adjustments, providing consideration of the deals about recognition of foreign mass media products, spreading on the territory of Republic and containing illegal information, in order of special proceedings.


The Journalist Society of Kazakhstan reacted to these adjustments negatively. The International Fund of freedom of speech protection “Adil soz” recommended, for instance, call back and revise the draft law “About making modifications and additions in some legislative acts of RK on questions of information-communication networks”.


“This draft law is impossible, it is discredited from the beginning: for democratic state, which is guarantee citizens the right to get and spread information liberally by any way, not forbidden by legal way, as declared the Constitution of Kazakhstan itself, such way is unacceptable”, – declared Tamara Kaleeva, a president of the fund “Adil soz” in interview of the RIA News.


The draft law is directed to the profile committee of Majilise to prepare to the second reading.





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