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The leader and the activists of the public fund “Ar.ruh.hak” were arrested by police… in advance



The leader and the activists of the public fund “Ar.Ruh.Hak” were arrested by the members of the Bostandyk district police department of Almaty. The press service of the youth movement informed.


By the information of the press service, four activists were arrested by the policemen in the April, 14 on the Republic square before the implementation of the unauthorized mass meeting against establishing of Nuclear fuel Bank.


“At present, four girls are in the police department, where they are giving evidences. They haven’t presented any accusations against them”, – noticed in press service.


As it is noted, activists of the “Ar.Ruh.Hak” wanted to express the public protest beside the monument of Independence against initiative of the accommodation of the Nuclear Fuel bank in Kazakhstan. In the opinion of organizers of missed mass-meeting, appearance of the nuclear material in country constitutes a threat to the million people of Kazakhstan.


“Nor one sober-minded in the world has not ulcerated the desire to undertake such kind of responsibility, returning itself a report of possible incidental consequences. We consider that our country is not a place for nuclear scramble for used nuclear warheads, more so government can not provide the safety of this bank from fire, misappropriations and other incidental circumstances. We seriously worried about our future and do not want to live in the grave of nuclear wastes”, – is spoken in wide-spread on Wednesday statement of protesters.


As informed earlier, Kazakhstan is ready to locate The Nuclear Fuel Bank.


“If the banks of nuclear fuel or nuclear energy are created, Kazakhstan will consider the possibility of it’s accommodation beside us as in country signed an agreement about the nuclear weapons’ nonproliferation and abandoned from nuclear weapons voluntarily, “- declared Nursultan Nazarbaev, the president of the country, on the April 6, emerging with statement for media after official negotiations with his Iranian colleague Mr. Mahmud Ahmadinejad. The president of the Iran supported the offer of the state leader.



Informational agency KazTAG





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