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The filter will be insert to the Internet



National agency of Informatization and Communication (AIC) is going to start the search for “bad” sites in Internet and then to lock an access to the “not good” web-resources. This care of citizens touches off uneasiness of the OSCE representatives.


In the 10th of April at the round table which took place in Astana were discussed elaborated by the AIC amendments in row of the legislative acts of information-communication network questions. The participants of this meeting were representatives from government bodies, NGO, International organizations and mass media. As informed Batyr Mahanbetazhiev, the responsible secretary of the AIC, the bill is directed to the protection of human rights and juridical personalities on receiving reliable information from the Internet and protecting them from the forcible change of constitutional building’s propaganda, undermining of safety, pornographies, cult of cruelty and violence.


One of the most important amendments concerns the introductions to law of the united notion “internet-resource” and referring it to mass media. That is to say that under the action of the law about mass media will conclude not only electronic mass-media but also, for instance, forums and home pages.


“ The bill considers the consolidation in mass media law about the general public prosecutor’s authority on media product’s spreading suspension on the territory of the RK, in case of law’s violation by spreading the information and divulgence of the information have an obvious nature, and if it will not be eliminated immediately, that can do a harm to the interests of the society and state, which are protected by law,” – informed Batyr Mahanbetazhiev.


Moreover, the bill considers the examination a case in court about blocking foreign internet-resources, which can damage “state and public interests”.


Anna Karlsraiter, an adviser of the OSCE representative, answers to the questions according to the  liberty of expression, that “filters” have to be set only by users themselves not by state. “Any policy is filtering, being on national or international level, absolutely disagrees to the principle of the free flow of information”, – she declared, and has also reported that referring all internet-resource to mass media, by the opinion of the OSCE, absolutely unacceptable.


The members of the AIC tried to twit Anna Karlsraiter reminding her that this kind of restrictions in this field are the same as in France, which is a authoritative member of the OSCE. “You compare with the worse points but not with the standards of the OSCE?”-  was sincerely interested. “If Kazakhstan wants to be equal with countries, where the situation is worse, you are welcome!”


Finally, Anna Karlsraiter had reminded that next year Kazakhstan will preside in the OSCE and have to be as an example to this organization.



“Express – K” newspaper




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