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Relatives of Muhtar Ablyazov request to stop repressions in their relations



Relatives of Ablyazov call to N. Nazarbaev not to pursue them. The nephew of Ablyazov is under the arrest. Akmaral Ablyazova cancelled from board of directors of BTA bank. They have instituted the proceeding against Muhtar Ablyazov.


Sholpan Ablyazova, the great sister of Muhtar Ablyazov has conducted the press-conference on Tuesday in the 10th of March. She on behalf of Muhtar Ablyazov relative’s called the President Nursultan Nazarbaev with request to understand and not to allow to pursue them for related relationships with disgraceful banker.


Sholpan Ablyazova has noted that the reason for referencing to chapter state was served the arrest of her son, Tair Dusembekov the director of merit company “Agento-S”, who by her words “accused in criminal collusion with Muhtar Ablyazov with a view to misappropriate the bankrolls of BTA bank”. By Sholpan Ablyazova words, the “investigation group of National security committee (NSC) can not bring nor one fact of frequentative overstating of merit cost of property”.


“The sole confirmed information, used in the documents of the deal: Dusembekov Tair – is a relative of Ablyazov Muhtar”, – confirms Sholpan Ablyazova. In this connection Sholpan Ablyazova asks the head of the state “not to allow the persecution of the ordinary citizen by political motives for related relationship, provide the transparency of deal’s consideration in open mode with attraction of mass media for objectivity of consideration banning the violation of processing rates and human rights”.


Earlier Sholpan Ablyazova has told to agency “KazTAG” about illegal (by her opinion) detention by the NSC department of Almaty of her son Tair Dusembekov, the head of merit company “Agenta-S”. By her words, her son Tair Dusembekov was arrested on the 2nd of March but from the investigation side they haven’t presented him any accusation”. At present, by her words, her son Tair Dusembekov is in investigation insulator of the NSC department in Almaty.


“In the message which gave me employee of the NSC department of Almaty, E. Manatov, major of justice , is specified that the reason for detention of Tair was that in respect of him organs of investigation have reliable information about executed or going by him heavy or specifically heavy felonies”, – has explained Sholpan Ablyazova.


By words of Sholpan Ablyazova, in the 5th of March the Medeu district court approbated the extension of the period of Tair Dusembekov arresting. “On the court the first deputy public prosecutor of Almaty Timur Suleimenov has declared that my son ostensibly together with group did the speed estimations for illegal reception of credits in BTA bank. But it is not true. Exists several legalized methods of real estate’s estimation, there are some hard criteria how much can cost one or another object and my son follows them hardly. However without any evidences the public prosecutor has declared on court that these estimations were value-added in several times. But they didn’t named nor one concrete object on which estimations were value-added”, – has noted Sholpan Ablyazova.


Sholpan Ablyazova has also reported about search places. “For several days before Tair’s arresting an employee of the NSC department conducted a search in the office of my son”, – she reported. By her words, “these days the person whom she can not name warned her about that in her apartment is planned to conduct the search”.


Earlier in the row of mass media passed information about that law-enforcement organs have conducted the searches in the head office of BTA bank and in house which rented Muhtar Ablyazov, and that “people of Muhtar Ablyazov” are calling for questioning, his relatives are taken out from job titles and some of them are arrested. However, before last time power bodies did not comment circulating similar rumours in society.


Meantime, on the 6th of March 6 on extraordinary common meeting of shareholders of BTA bank, the authority of Akmaral Ablyazova as a member of the directors was discontinued ahead of schedule.


So, by information, which was spreaded by the press-service of BTA bank, “in the 6th of March  on extraordinary common meeting of BTA bank shareholders they accepted the decision to confirm the composition of members of the directors in amount for 9 persons”.. The Authorities of Akmaral Ablyazova and several persons discontinued ahead of schedule.


And finally, on Tuesday, in the 10th of March, general public prosecutor’s office has confirmed the circulated in society rumours about that against Muhtar Ablyazov was instituted criminal proceeding. By the General public prosecutor’s office on address of present management of BTA bank is instituted the criminal proceeding “in respect of ex-chapters of BTA bank Muhtar Ablyazov, the first vice-chairman of the rule of the bank Zhaksylyk Zharimbetov and their accomplices”, said the agency “KazTAG” with reference to message of the press-services leader of the general public prosecutor’s office Saulebek Zhankenuly.


“The reason for excitement of the criminal proceeding were the facts of withdrawing unlawfully got bankrolls of the bank at the period of Muhtar Ablyazov managing by issues of credits to fictitious companies under the guarantee of the same terrestrial areas”, – has explained Saulebek Zhankenuly.


By the words of Saulebek Zhankenuly, the investigation bodies have realized the request for imposition of the temporary arrest on assets and property of physical and juridical persons, “taken part in illegal operation”. He has also reported that preliminary effect on criminal proceeding is conducted by special interdepartmental investigation-task force and it is under the control of the general public prosecutor’s office.


Muhtar Ablyazov in November 2001 with other young high-ranking officials and large businessmen took part in creation of oppositional democratic movement “Democratic choice of Kazakhstan“. In March 2002 he was arrested and later was sentenced for six years of prison. In the prison, by the information of his protection, opposition deputies of the parliament and human rights protectors was subjected to the cruel torture.


In May 2003 the President Nursultan Nazarbaev has pardoned Muhtar Ablyazov. In his first after prison press-conference in Almaty Muhtar Ablyazov has declared that he will not concern with the policy anymore and will concentrated on business. But events of 2009 return him on source position of his disgraces in 2001.



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