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“Cleaning” on greater circle



For several days before the city parliament elections in Almaty the district electoral commission has cancelled the registration of four candidates. The reason of this kind of decision was the invalidation of the information about income and property in tax declarations. So, beside one of taken out from “distance” – Sergei Utkin – was found an apartment (apropos, which was never belongs to him), pension accumulations (strangers’ too) and bank account for amount… 361 tenge (less than 3 USD). But beside other candidates – there is approximately the same.


Clarity for our readers can contribute the enumeration “job titles and ranks” rejected candidates: Asylbek Kozhahmetov – the chairman of the public association “Shanyrak”, Denis Alimbekov – the vice-chairman of the republican movement “Talmas” and Zhanbolat Mamai the employee of oppositional publishing “Zhas Alash”.


Probably, in memories the history of the elections in summer 2007 to the Department are not disappeared yet, when Sergei Utkin “has lost” his adversary-nurotanman. So, his obvious victory wasn’t defended even in court – the authority didn’t have any willing to confess in opacity of the voting. That’s why, when the by-election for city parliament was declared to March 29th, Sergei Utkin filed an application for participating once again.


Everything was according to plan: the propaganda, meetings with inhabitants and trips to the constituencies- before the March of 17th, when at 8 p.m. Mr. Utkin declared that he has discovered undeclared property, that’s why the registration as a candidate was cancelled.


Also, they have found the bank account of Utkin with amount for 361 tenge (a little more than 2 dollars).


In the interim came the information about exactly such kind of “shoot offs” of two candidates – the chairman of the public association “Shanyrak”, Denis Alimbekov – the vice-chairman of “Talmas”. The Motives of “taps” candidates like under the carbon-paper: undeclared property (including same ghostly-unlawful shares in public associations), apartments and hijacked cars which were sold a lot of years ago.



The Newspaper “Republic – business review” №10 (145) form 2009, March 20th




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