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In the West of Kazakhstan three parties refused to sign the memorandum against the meetings’ freedom



Initiated by the City administration (akimat) of West Kazakhstan area the memorandum about rapport and cooperation has signed only six political parties. The representatives of three parties have acknowledged it as unconstitutional.

The chief of regional management of internal policy Tlekkabyl Imashev on the February 19th  conducted the round table with participation of the representatives of political parties and nongovernmental organizations. In the course of these actions participants have been offered to sign the memorandum “about rapport and cooperation on conservation public-political stability in region”.


But not all leaders of parties supported the memorandum. The representatives of both Communist parties of Kazakhstan, the parties “Azat” and “Ak zhol” flatly refused to sign the memorandum. They were resented by the several points of this document.


By the words of Vasiliy Shamin, the leader of local communists, he completely did not comply with the sixth point of the memorandum where is written that at crisis time we need “approach to public word and publication in mass media responsibly and weighty, which are also capable in condition of the economic crisis to cause the social conflicts “. In the opinion of Vasiliy Shamin, nobody has the right to indicate the journalist what they have to and don’t have to write.


Anargul Abenova, the leader of the branch unscheduled opposition party “Alga”, who was resented by the authority’s attempts to limit their rights too. Own opinion she voiced to the correspondent of our radio Azattyk.


– This memorandum completely disagrees to the Constitution and international rights; limits the rights of people publicly express their opinion.


In total, the memorandum signed only six from ten registered political parties.


By the words of Nurlybek Daumov, the chief of department of the regional management of internal policy, given memorandum was only the project and no one obligated to sign it with the first time. Nurlybek Daumov resents.



“Azattyk” radio





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