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Yesterday in the Almaly district court was proceeded the consideration which is named “deal about concealment”, where the leaders of political parties such as: Bulat Abilov, “Azat”; Asylbek Kozhahmetov, leader of the public association “Shanyrak” and Tolen Tohtasynov, the Chairman of Communist party in Kazakhstan were defendants.


We will remind that opposition leaders are judged by the article 363 of PC of RK (Concealment of heavy or specifically felony crime). The reason for attraction to criminal responsibility becomes their letters addressed to the Ukrainian power with request to give the Baisakov brothers political asylum in this country. Kazakhstan police suspects Baisakov brothers in murdering of Boris Kostanov, who was Pavlodar city businessman in 2001. At the beginning the deal was considered by the Medeu district court, but during the preliminary listening the protection side has declared the application for changing the jurisdictions. Oppositionists and their lawyers persisted: the process must be in Almaly district. The Judge of Medeu court has declined the application but gave him possibility to appeal their decision to the court of the higher authority. And here the City court has came to a conclusion to send the deal to Almaly district court # 2. Yesterday was the preliminary listening of this deal. At the court presented only two leaders: Bulat Abilov and Asylbek Kozhahmetov. Tolen Tohtasynov is still having treatment in Mongolia. In total judicial meeting was put off for Monday to give time for new state accuser to get acquainted with material of the deal.


– A prosecutor did not come – speaks Bulat Abilov. – Instead of him was Shoikibaev, a chief of the department on control for legality of the judicial decisions on criminal deals of the public prosecutor. He frankly said that came to substitute the public prosecutor but on question, does he sign with deal, answered negatively.


Apropos, by defendants words from deal were disappeared 6 volumes.



“Vremya” newspapers




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