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  • In Karaganda city was halted the loud process against the medicinal centre’s members

In Karaganda city was halted the loud process against the medicinal centre’s members



Sanitars and driver of the regional hospital were accused of two whip deaths. They took homeless people out of city and left to die in village settlement. It was not difficult to find the guilty. The main evidences were a video recording of dead whip’s last hours of their life and disposable glove which was left by the physician on the place of whips deaths.


The employees of the regional medical centre tried to dispose from spare problems but have got to the wrong side of the bar. They were accused of criminal indifference which has brought to the deaths of two persons.


So, in the morning in the 10th of March of past year two homeless tried to fall into hospital to ambulance. But physicians didn’t help them. Whips were sunk to the hospital machine and taken out from the city to their villages. At this time they could not move by themselves. Homeless were unloaded straight on the road where they died from undercooling.


Erbol Rahimbekov, the Chairman of the Kazybek bi regional court in Karaganda. :

Not wanting heavy consequence in the manner of deaths of the person, created the situation, when approach of deaths becomes real. Undoubted left two persons in dangerous for life position.


In the list of inculpated are three performers: two orderlies and driver of the car, taken away the whips. The grateful evidences they gave immediately. It appears that they followed the directions of manager of receiving quietness. But the chief wasn’t on dock: after all he did not ask to take whips away and let them die.


Erbol Rahimbekov, the chairman of the Kazybek bi regional court in Karaganda

– Ermolaev gave the instruction “to take away the whips anywhere” which can not mean “take people away and leave them where their life threatens into the danger”.


From courtroom convicted will be sent to work immediately. Nobody from personnel of the hospital was discharged from duties. The court has sentenced the employee of the hospital to fine equal for their 5 months salary.


Meantime, now in Karaganda is the season of frosts and homeless’ death-rate raising. Crowded all special centers of adapting persons who are haven’t certain place of living. The single revenge, where many whips hope to warm is the hospitals.



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