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Now it’s possible to complain to the UN but first of all it’s need pass the whole system of justice in Kazakhstan



President N. Nazarbaev in the 11th of February had assigned the law “About ratifications of optional protocol to International pact about civil and political rights”. Now Kazakh people have a possibility to search for protection of the human rights in the Committee of UN organization.


But it’s possible to appeal to the Committee of the UNO on human rights only if all attempts in Kazakhstan about protection of their own rights and liberties turn out to be unsuccessful. So will it be all so simply: to take and to complain to the greater chief? We applied for comments to Evgeniy Zhovtis, the director of Kazakhstan bureau for human rights.


         Mr. Zhovtis, how long the Kazakhstan was going to signing of this law?


         They were going very long. To make this mechanism come into play first of all it was necessary to ratify the International pact about civil and political rights. And after take this Optional protocol to it. The Majority of the CIS countries ratified the International pact at the beginning of 1990th. Kazakhstan had ratified in 2005 – the last from all CIS countries.


         What do you think why did the Kazakhstan delay on it?


         There was an argumentation that ostensibly Kazakhstan is not ready that it pertains to this international obligation seriously. In my point of view, there were simply pretexts. Because it is enough to read the International pact about civil and political rights to understand that all explanations of the Kazakhstan powers have no ground under itself. Because these document helps to develop in the field of human rights without any hard pressure.


         Is it possible an acceptance of this document to get stuck with the fast Chairmanship of Kazakhstan in OSCE?


         No it isn’t. As I already said, the history of this document’s acceptance has been delaying since 2005. Though, certainly further delay before the chairmanship in OSCE was impossible


Now, with the acceptance of this document Kazakhstani people started to possess the right to address with the individual complaint to the Committee of the UNO on human rights.


         Mr. Zhovtis, if there any danger for the employees in the Committee of UNO on human rights that they can “choke” from complaints of Kazakhstan people? You know the situation very well.


         Yes, in the beginning will be a lot of people. But here I must say that initial euphoria, elements of the hope will by cooled quickly.




         In case of integer number of reasons. To complain to the Committee of the UNO on human rights, you are presented by the variety of requirements. Firstly, you should have facts that your rights are violated. Not because in Kazakhstan there is no democracy and you simply began to complain. Pass all stages of the procedure; store the fact that your rights, bolted by the Pact, are really violated. Secondly, you should pass the whole Kazakhstan system of the justice. Get to the High court till the General public prosecutor’s office and have on hands all documents that you had addressed and you were refused in equitable decision on a matter. And most main, it is necessary to take into account that the Committee of the UNO on human rights – is limited quantity of experts, and they work for the whole world. So the question of consideration of your complaint can take the years. Our Bureau for human rights already begin starting-up work on rendering help in preparation of first such complaints. Beside us for this there are specialists, management and sample documents. But I will repeat: all this it is enough complex process.



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