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  • Akimat of west Kazakhstan region has refused to make accreditation for journalist of the newspaper “Respublika”

Akimat of west Kazakhstan region has refused to make accreditation for journalist of the newspaper “Respublika”



On February 02, 2009 editorial staff of the newspaper “Respublika” has sent official letter to Akim of West Kazakhstan region Baktykozha Izmukhambetov. They have asked for him to make accreditation for proper correspondent of the newspaper Alla Zlobina for arrangement of regional administration. Editorial staff has been refused in two weeks.


Representative of the editorial office has contacted to Head of Press Service of Akimat Kalilulla Karagoyshin to find out reason of refusal. Kalilulla Karagoyshin has explained that they had not any cooperation with opposition press. The reference to official rules of the accreditation, which did not provide such reason for refusal, did not convince press secretary. Representatives of the newspaper did not find out about position of Karagoyshin or position of akim B. Izmukhanbetov.   


Legal service of the foundation “Adil soz” qualifies refusal in accreditation of the journalist as illegal. There are rules of accreditation of journalists, mass media and news agencies under state bodies or other organizations in accordance with p. 9.


The content of statement is not met to orders of p. 7 of rules (it means statement of accreditation);


Accredited body has given certificate of accreditation of the journalist. It is in force during process of receiving of new statement;


Accredited journalist was deprived from accreditation for violations of accreditation rules or dissemination of information, discredited honor and dignity of accredited state organ (it means state organ, which made accreditation for him) or other organization.


Groundless and illegal refusal in accreditation can be appealed in organ of more high instance, court and General Prosecutor’s Office. 






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