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  • The regional prosecutor stopped the activity of the commune where toiled the drug addicts

The regional prosecutor stopped the activity of the commune where toiled the drug addicts



Today former concluded drug addicts and alcoholics have abandoned rural commune in Steklyanka settlement, where they passed the course to rehabilitations. Activity of this public association was suspended by the regional prosecutor. Charges of the rural institution are sure that they have only one road – to prison again.


Recently they rejoiced for theirs success: breakwater, have won the drug addiction and alcoholism. Today pack the valises and are going to abandon the rehabilitation centre, where at one time came with breaking and thought about suicide. Activity of the centre, in which took all interested persons former concluded and drug addicts, has suspended the regional prosecutor’s office.


Siyazbek Zhanuzakov, the Charge of the rehabilitation centres in Steklyanka settlement:


– Now we all have only one road – to prison again. We have just started to forget the drugs, learned to toil, as we have banished. I don’t know for what. I can’t imagine where I am going. We have lost the last chance in our life.


In regional prosecutor’s office reported that, they checked the spiritual centre on attribute to the sect. The breaches had not revealed: charges – traditional Protestants.  However they can’t pray collectively, the commune has no status of the religious association. They decided to close.


Bekkali Kunafin, the prosecutor of the Beskaragai region:


– In respect of treatments I’m not a specialist, that’s why I can not say anything. Medicine only cures the alcoholic and drug addict, they did not concern with the treatment, they directly concerned the religious service”.


In public prosecutor’s office speak that are not afraid of the    criminality’s hits. Because all this people have already finished with their dark past.


Spiritual centre to rehabilitations is going to appeal to the area court in case of actions of the regional prosecutor’s office. If institution will restore, where they will search the charges, leader does not know. Many of them have already abandoned the limits of the region.




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