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Behind iron curtains live inhabitants of the house for invalids



It’s impossible to know what indeed occurs there – the building has “closed” status and access in it possible only with permits of the administrations.


Marat escaped from the psychoneurology house. Came to the single place where he could find the protection – orphanage for invalids where was grown up. Nannies didn’t hear theirs former alumnus – faded cheeks, hungry eyes. They feed and becalmed Marat. But afterwards they were listening with resentment to his tale about the In-house – local inhabitants called the hostel for adult invalids.


-Compressing my hands he implored not to return him back,- told Aliya Nurtazina, leader of the volunteer group who many years helps orphanages on Almaty area. – He was crying and he said that if we will return him back they will “prick” the medicine….


Marat has diagnosis – oligophrenia in light stage of debility. But according to people’s words who took part in his upbringing, lad was wholly sane about diagnosis reminded only dullard speech.


But this time Marat was obviously not in himself, he spoke that inhabitants of “in-house” starve and they handle with them badly.


Nannies of the orphanage with empathy have listened to Marat. But does it possible to believe in not wholly sound person, who is additionally found able emotional failure?


However, similar horrible histories about order reigning in this invalid’s house, told one of the charges mother – Arzangul. Her son has fallen into “in-house” when he was performed 18 years old.


– A woman for 4 months could not visit own son, – tells Aliya Nurtazina.


– But, when finally turned out to be there, found son in branch for “disabling”, though he wholly could move by himself. Arzangul saw her son who could not even rise; – he was in extreme degree of the exhaustion.


Arzangul withdrew son and took him to physician. Aliya Nurtazina shows physician’s conclusion, which confirmed mother’s misgivings: lad was really found able exhaustion; all his body was coated by rash because of non-observance of the elementary rules of hygiene.


Lad was treated he is going again, – tells Aliya. – But, while mother run to physicians trying to return her son his health, lad “had been excluded” from the house for invalids.


But soon came the terrible news – in “in-house” died one of the charges. The mother of the girl considered not raise the scandal. “My daughter agonized enough”, – she told.


After this event Arzangul was afraid to return son to the house for invalids.


Today woman writes letter to all locations to help invalid people who live in “in-house”. Prove that behind the deaf wall, people live in terrifying conditions, it is not easy. . This is a close institution but to believe charges words, living there, it is impossible. However, all of them are sick people with psychic deflections…


Not only charges also their parents try to pay attention to occurring. Former employees started to speak about closed institution problems.


Former cooker of the house for invalids writes: “Я worked in in-house one and a half of a year, want to report you the truth.” Earlier they thieved with the bags, afterwards with cars. They loaded in boxes the ham, sweetmeats, which invalids did not even see “. Second complaint is written by the nanny, who had been working in this house for invalids since 1980: “Invalids are starved, there is no hot water, so children do not wash, and many of them have scabies. Underwear and bedclothes change only when the commission must come.” For time of commission’s visit children, who can complain, close in prison cell…. “


Both women were fired. They consider that was made illegal and require the reconstruction to job. And again it’s possible to think that theirs statements – is not the most reliable source of information: breakwater, simply insult dismissed employees.


It is difficult to make conclusion about what occurs in locked institution, resting in tales of psychic unhealthy lad, mother’s complaints, outliving for welfare of hers child, and dismissed employees.


But there are no sources of information about what occurs behind closed doors.


The special institutions with the “closed” status – a separate world, which lives by own rules. For strangers – in this category entered relatives – an entry is not resolved. Right protector organizations have no possibility liberally to visit such institutions liberally. . But checks with preliminary notices of the administration more look like show.


– We have visited “in-house” by the official permit of the administrations, – tells Aliya Nurtazina. – It was wildly to see, when toward to us, we have met invalid, clad in turn white shirt and coat. All of them were as at a parade, and from this frank show became horribly. If we, volunteers and people, who raised these children and outliving for them, had a possibility to visit them and see, how they live, possibly, there will not be terrible rumors.


It costs to say that, after multiple complaints, checks in “in-house” conducted the public prosecutor’s office – and had not found any breaches in the personnel functioning. Truly, fine was assessed on institution – for non-observance sanitary-epidemiological rates.


Administrations refused all this accusations in its address and notarize that checking can come to them any time. But volunteers and right protector organizations do not enter in this number.


By our correspondent report, similar problems quite often appear in other closed institutions too. But news from there gets to external world with enormous labour.


“In the hostel of Karaganda for deaf children and teachers make a riot. But alumnus’ parents even had to take the institution by assault. And all this, to prove the director of hostel that children need water, heat and full-fledged feeding. The alumnuses complain to the conditions of the residence. Speak, that the last drop was the uneatable dinner, where, according to alumnus’ words, were a hairs and even hearts The Director of this hostel is surprised: institution regularly is visited by the sanitary physicians – and no remarks. Checking have not noticed that water here only on the first floor from three floors, showers do not work, and on 250 alumnuses – whole one toilet”.


From the news’ plot of the channel KTK, 20.01.2009



Evgenii Zhovtis, the director of the Bureau for Human Rights,:


– Such institutions, as houses for invalids, can not be closed because people, who contains there, are not sentenced to deprivation of the liberty. It breaks the bases of the Constitution.  


But before the last time of the access in institutions, in which contains the people with limited possibility, practically was impossible. Now the situation is beginning to change. In recently, complaints on order in such institutions enter more and more – people become stronger. And it signifies that there is hope to adjust full-fledged public checking on closed institutions – and conditions for life will become better.



Caravan newspaper



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