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The National security committee disproves an accusation in using the tortures



Probably it’s the first time when the National security committee has found necessary to report before accusations in theirs address.


In the end of last week the Committee’s Department in the RK on Jambul area, replies to the open letter of Anuarbek Sandybaev, who is a father of Erlan Sandybaev arrested in Jambul investigation jail.  


Earlier, pensioner appeals to the Kazakhstan bureau for human rights for aid to restore his son’s disturbed civil rights. By the father’s words, his son – Erlan Sandybaev, the Head of Security service of BM limited, at the moment of his arresting was hit and subsequently was cruelly tortured.


– “At the arresting my son was brutally beat; they hit him till the 4 o’clock of the morning, till the convulsion. Afterwards, they provided in feeling and booted once again. Losing his consciousness he heard the phrase: “Hit him!” In the night they came to the hospital, few times took photos which after were disappeared. About his arresting the family wasn’t informed. We have all the grounds to suppose that his life is under the threat, – writes Anuarbek Sandybaev.


The letter with the appeal to look into this situation Anuarbek Amuraevich sent to all round the departments of Jambul region; DNSC, Department of Domestic Affairs, regional prosecutor and regional judgement. Also to attract the people published a letter in mass media. After that the press service of the National Security Committee’s Department of Jambul region prepared the answer message for the mass media.


It’s necessary to explain that the affair of Erlan Sandybaev is mixed with other loud affairs, where were involved the large companies’ leaders of alcohol production, as: “BM”, alcohol production “Taraz”, Almaty newspaper “Alma Ata Info”.


The participant of the scandal events was Erlan Sandybaev, who was mentioned at the beginning, the Head of Security Service of BM ltd who ostensibly had fought back employee of the Committee at the time of investigation BM ltd and had opened on them shooting from a gun. By the CNS’s information, at the moment of investigation in the “BM” they had discovered twenty five pistols of Makarov system.


As confirms Sandybaev’s father, at the moment of arresting his son didn’t know that it was operative action because “they didn’t present warrant on arrest and did not introduced themselves” but the members of the NSC were in civil dress.


In the information for the press the DNSC on Jambul area completely refuses their illegality of their own action.


“Light traumas Erlan Sandybaev took only in the moment of his arresting, where he rendered active armed and physical resistance. Members of DNSC didn’t use the combat weapon, risking their own life, arrested him by means of acceptance hand-to-hand boa. Fact of his beating by the DNSC was expelled because it’s against the law”.


We connected with Gulsyn Sandybaeva, his wife:


– “He has got a pan beside his left side where rib is broken, – continued Gulsyn. – In spite of we started to cure. We have a reference from the ambulance, which came to the Insulator of the Temporary Contents on call. When his health became worth the ITC gave the reference. There were fixed craino-cerebral trauma, concussion of the brain, high arterial pressure. But the Hospital of the Ambulance didn’t approve it.”


– “In the Courthouse where were given the sanctions for his arrest, he had very awful feeling. The lawyer said: “He inadequate because his eyes are in different sides.” After came members of CNS and started to push us.


Ruslan Halidov, representative of Bureau for Human Rights on Jambul area, informed that he met with the members of the NSC. They had notarized him, and said that arrested person has due treatment after detention.


At present two sides accuse each other in the different breaches of legislation. This affair will not have a very large resonance if in this affair didn’t participate popular Kazakh journalist it’s possible all his vicissitudes will be outside of public attention.



Voice of the Freedom of Central Asia




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