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In Almaty was beaten the correspondent of the radio “Azattyk”



The correspondent of the radio “Azattyk” Ermek Boltai was cruelly beaten up on the Saturday’s evening beside the entrance of his own house. About this the correspondent of the KazTAG was informed by the editor-in-chief of the Kazakh service radio “Azattyk” and internet-newspaper “Azattyq.org” – Amangeldy Kenshilikuly.


-“Ermek Boltai was attacked by the five men, they cruelly beat him and escaped in unknown direction,”- explain Amangeldy Kenshilikuly adding that money and documents hadn’t been stolen.


By the words of E. Boltai he had remembered only one of attacked persons.


– “He asked me for cigarettes and then knocked with the bottle my head,”– tells E. Boltai


As a result of attacks the journalist had got the concussion of the cerebrum and flesh-colored damages. Next day after the incident Ermek Boltai addressed with the statement to the police.


Colleagues of the journalist refrain from hasty commentaries, and noted that in Astana in 2004 under the same circumstances was also beaten the correspondent of the radio “Azattyk” – Zhuldyz Toleuova.



Informational agency KazTAG



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