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Unencumbered affair



On past Thursday in the Medeu district court took place preliminary hearing, as named “deal about concealment”.  On the dock were – the leaders of “Azat” party – Bulat Abilov, the leader of the public association “Shanyrak” – Asylbek Kozhahmetov and the Vice-chairman of the Kazakhstan’s Communistic party – Tolen Tohtasynov.


We will remind: on the September of last year the investigation committee of the Ministry of Internal affairs of RK institute the criminal proceeding by the article 363 in PC of RK (concealment of heavy or specifically heavy felony) against the leaders of Kazakhstan‘s opposition. They harboured by the law-enforcement organ’s opinion, Baisakov brothers Esentay and Jumatai, whom MIA consider as of Pavlodar businessman Boris Kostanov murder’s customers in 2001. Performers of the order Asanali Zhakebaev and Askar Dusenbaev were sentenced but law-enforcement organs were searching for Baisakov brothers many years. And they had founded them in Kiev only in 2008. Investigators of the MIA of RK sent to the General prosecutor of Ukraine request about Baisakov brothers’ extradition, but were refused. It was realized that Baisakov brothers in Ukraine have immunization of political refugees, which they ostensibly had received by the ground of written request to give them and for else several citizens from Kazakhstan political asylum. The appeal for Ukraine’s authority by the MIA of RK information, was signed by Bulat Abilov, Asylbek Kozhahmetov, Tolen Tohtasynov, Amirzhan Kosanov and Vladimir Kozlov. Accusation in concealment was presented to all of them but later the Vice chairman of National Social party – Kosanov and the leader of the unregistered party “Alga” – Kozlov had altered to category of witnesses. Investigation took several months and here the deal was sent to the Court.


In the interim oppositionist’s protectors consider that this court case in general must not be:


– To install that they really concealed heavy or specifically heavy felony, first of all it is necessary to convict people who make the felony, – says right protector Evgeniy Zhovtis, representing in court Asylbek Kozhahmetov’s interests. – If this wasn’t made, so it’s incomprehensible in what the concealment is concluded. The Court on Baisakov brothers deal was not happened.


Defendants consider that accusations to their address – it is a way of the political pressure on opposition.


– The position of MIA is as a position of hawk, – consider Asylbek Kozhahmetov. – On the threshold of possible elections and Chairmanship in the OSCE they want to declare theirs strong position and to dictate theirs will, not to allow the motion to the side of real democracy. They beforehand “shoot off” us, deprive from the possibility to participate in prior parliamentary choice.


P.S.  On January 22nd, as informed the radio “Azattyk”, appellate court of Kiev had confirmed legality of the granting the political refugee’s status for Baisakov brothers.



“Vremya” newspaper

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