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The editor in chief of the “Alma-ata info” newspaper was arrested



The editor in chief of the “Alma-Ata Info” newspaper Ramazan Esergepov was arrested. About it KazTAG was informed by the National security committee’s press service.


“As they noticed in the press service, by the criminal affairs before Ramazan Esergepov from the witness was retrained to the defendant. Against the editor in chief they instituted the criminal proceeding in case of illegal collection and disseminating information including government’s secrets, and the measure was put in the arresting form.  Now he is in the investigative department of National security committee  of Jambul area”, – said in the press service.  


As informed before in the 30th of November in the office of the “Alma-Ata Info” newspaper editorship, by the investigator’s resolution of  the Jambul DNSC, was conducted a search. The reason was the article in the newspaper for the 21st of November: “Who rules our Government: the President or the NSC?; in which was published the service letter of the NSC department’s Head in the Jambul area and which by the representative’s marks from the special service is relevant to the secret documents.


By the NSC press service information “these secret documents”. 


The publication the CNS department’s secret information in the R. Esergepov own newspaper about the moving of operative accompanying other criminal affairs  entailed the damage for the Government’s interests”, – noticed in the press service.


From the moment of the instituting the criminal preceding against publishing in the mass-media the secret materials R. Esergepov refused to adopt the investigator’s agenda repeatedly; under the different pretexts he evaded a questionings; but he made oral promises to exist in questionings. All this time R. Esergepov tried to politicize the situation with the investigation of that criminal affair and legal actions by the investigative workers”, – explained NSC’s press service of the RK. And that’s why R. Esergepov in the 6th of January was delivered to the DNSC in Jambul area, in compulsory measure.


But Rozlana Taukina, the President of the fund “Journalists in trouble” thinks that the actions from the special service members are illegal.


By her words the arrest of the editor in chief of the opposition publication was happened in the hospital, where R. Esergepov was hospitalized with the diagnosis “hypertensive crisis”.


          “Early in the morning R. Esergepov was called to the laboratory for delivering analyses. And when he started to step down the stairs, fighters in masks with sub-machine-guns took him in his pyjamas from the cardiology institute through the other exit,”- informed R. Taukina.


          “R. Esergepov is ill seriously, he has hypertensive patient, and anytime he can feels bad,”- thinks R. Taukina.


But on the other hand, in the press service of the DNSC said that they on the moment of the arresting had defendant’s medicine card about his health’s stability.




KazTAG, Informational agency




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